Retirement homes are good

Retirement in dignity: finally get rid of old people's homes!

Imagine: You wake up in the morning and suddenly you can no longer move your leg and arm, no longer stand up, maybe even no longer speak - stroke. You are immediately admitted to the hospital, but the doctors say: That's it, your condition is irreversible, come to terms with it. From now on there is absolutely nothing you can do without help.

You need a wheelchair, you can no longer pull a sweater over your head, you can no longer even go to the toilet. Maybe you live alone, maybe you don't want to bother your children with having to look after you immediately. So: nursing home.

From now on, your life will take place on seven square meters, your home room. So someone comes along, maybe a clearer, and clears out your old apartment. Your beloved handbag collection? The furniture that you gradually put together, perhaps while traveling?

The art prints on the walls? Too much, too bulky. The expensive hi-fi system? Maybe would fit in the little room. But turn it up loud, that's probably not possible in a nursing home. All of life, dissolved.

Then come the fears, one has already read so much: that the people in the homes are often malnourished, some downright parched because the carers don't have the time to help with drinking. That people would be left lying in their own feces because completely overworked carers simply couldn't change their incontinence pads any faster.