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Core symptoms in ADHD: impulsiveness

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In addition to hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders, impulsivity is one of the three core symptoms of ADHD.

A peculiarity of ADHD in adulthood: Sometimes those affected have already learned in the course of their lives to deal with their impulsiveness better and to get a little better under control of the exuberant temperament. After all, as we get older, we are more aware of the consequences of our actions.

Nonetheless, impulsiveness is and remains a central issue for many affected people, which can become a real problem in social interaction and especially in partnership.

Impulsiveness: Checklist

Impulsive action & hot temper
  • Act without thinking about the consequences
  • Interrupting conversations with others (interrupting the word)
  • Brief outbursts of anger
  • Risk taking

Impulsiveness: signs in everyday life

In everyday life, impulsiveness can manifest itself in a variety of situations.

We have put together a few examples for you:

  • "See red", even with minor provocations
  • Acting / speaking without thinking about the consequences (in retrospect, what has been said and done is regretted)
  • In road traffic: overtaking in blind spots, jostling, lawn
  • When queuing: waiting for problems until it is your turn
  • Violent outbursts of anger, which can be hurtful towards others (you often feel sorry for what you said later)
  • Talking quickly, often in conversation with others / finishing others' sentences
  • Spontaneous, ill-considered purchases with high expenses

Help with impulsiveness

If you find the impulsiveness to be very stressful, it is helpful to initiate a suitable ADHD therapy.

The first step is to visit your family doctor or a psychiatrist / neurologist in your area.

In addition, simple behavioral measures can help to get a better grip on impulsiveness in everyday life:

Tips for impulsiveness

Impulsiveness: recognizing strengths

Impulsive people often have special strengths of character, which, however, usually first have to be recognized. Often they remain hidden under the cloak of supposed weakness.

We have put together some examples for you here - maybe you recognize yourself in one place or another?

  • Creativity, enthusiasm
  • Talented improviser
  • Intoxicating kind
  • Diverse interest
  • Helpfulness
  • Openness, directness ("the heart on the tongue")
  • spontaneity

Read more about recognizing strengths here.

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