Your mind would reveal your identity

What is the lesson

Question: Dadashreeji, how can we tell whether the challenge we are facing isis of karmic origin and have we learned our lesson? What is the lesson

Dadashreeji replies:

Dear friend!
Life offers mixed experiences that reveal more and more of creation. Some say life is about learning lessons. You are here on this planet to learn your lessons so that you can reach a higher state of consciousness. One may or may not be fully aware of the learning process; but everyone unwittingly participates, be they an atheist or a believer. As you grow, you experience many situations. One cannot see all of them collectively as part of the lessons in one's life. Few parts of it can be viewed as lessons to be learned.

It will be difficult for the human mind to distinguish between lessons and accidental situations through which one learns more about life. So let's simplify this by first understanding what a lesson is. A lesson is realizing the hidden personal truth that a part of you has agreed to learn in this life. A personal truth deals with the myriad of situations and experiences in life that you have gone through. This process is about knowing more about yourself, about your true nature.

Suppose you had an idea about yourself that you are a very kind and generous person. Since it is just an assumption and not your true nature, you will then experience some situations that verify this fact. To your surprise, you find that you are not what you imagined. Well, this is an example where you can see that the lesson has been learned that will lead you to your true nature. Anything that involves your loved ones, friends, and relatives around you can be a cause of initiating this learning process.

One can try to find out if a particular lesson is part of your destiny or just coincidence. There are three key factors that will help you clearly distinguish the lessons.

1) repetition:There will be a few situations in your life that will repeat themselves over and over again. Sometimes you are also amazed why these situations repeat themselves over and over again in life. For example, being rejected over and over again puts you in a self-pity mode. Someone else keeps getting credit for your hard work.

Without exception, you will hurt people even though you never wanted to. When such repetitive situations or experiences occur in your life, it is high time you corrected yourself immediately. You just have to know yourself well.

2) Severity: One way to tell if the lesson is karmic depends on the intensity of the experience. If it is deep and bad, know that it is part of your karmic lesson. These situations will greatly affect your life. It will be a life changing experience. People who are very close to you, who mean a lot to you, are part of these experiences. Your identity is shaken and challenged, which can even lead to a mental and emotional breakdown. In extreme scenarios, if one cannot learn this lesson, one will become numb and mentally depressed. We wish that none of you experience these polar states.

3) Inevitability:You cannot skip these life test situations and just move on to easier and more comfortable situations. You may find that no matter how hard you try to avoid these experiences, the situation remains unchanged and as hard and ingrained as a rock. This reaffirms that these situations are part of your intended life lessons. These are predestined and inevitable situations. The only option that remains is to face them and successfully face them.

If you still can't figure it out, the best way is to go inside and question your inner being - divine. It is where you will get both: both an answer and a solution. Learning a lesson and moving forward in life is an enjoyable result. Your level of consciousness is raised. You are moving closer to your true nature, which is your divine inner being. Resisting this learning process will slow down your spiritual growth. When you focus your mind and heart firmly on The Divine, you can fully participate in the flow of life. All powerful difficulties will vanish into thin air and pave your way to the highest. In the end you will experience freedom and joy.

Free your mind and simplify life!

Love and blessings,