What is an old life

What makes you happy in old age

Serenity: Adjust your own expectations

Another important quality is a certain serenity that old age often brings with it. "While younger people drive productive dissatisfaction, older people have learned what can and cannot be changed," says Lang. This acceptance leads to the fact that it is easier to reconcile demands and possibilities - and thus ultimately to achieve greater satisfaction.

In a study published in March 2013, age researcher Lang was able to determine how beneficial it is sometimes to lower one's own expectations. According to this, older adults over the age of 60 are not only less optimistic about their future than younger ones. Surprisingly, those of the old who had more pessimistic expectations about their future were even longer healthy. One possible explanation for this phenomenon: Anyone who expects their personal situation to deteriorate in the future must take appropriate precautionary measures - and thus help prevent their own fears from materializing.

Review: with life at peace

If a cautious look into the future is often an advantage, a positive review of the past life seems also important for the individual satisfaction. Probably everyone knows situations in their résumé where they would decide differently today. It is important to still draw a positive balance on the bottom line and to mourn opportunities that have not been missed. But that does not mean to suppress unpleasant experiences. Anyone who struggles with stressful experiences should best approach them actively. In severe cases, psychotherapy can help.

To some extent, you can learn to age well

How calmly someone accepts their life and their own circumstances is above all a question of character. Some bring this attitude with them, others don't. And not everyone who does not have these qualities will be able to fully acquire them. But it is worth working on it: "A good life in old age does not just happen by itself. It is an achievement that demands something from us," says Lang.