How can I feminize my husband

Help me, I have a perverse question ...

Question from xyz

Are there women here who like to feminize men?

So educate yourself to be a woman!

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Answer # 4

my husband is a real cuckold, he would much rather watch than do it myself. Get me right, we love each other, but sexually we have different claims. While I like to cheat, have some steadfast lovers who also come home to us, my husband is a passionate wanker who actually always has a stiff cock in his pants. I think that's cute because I'm his wank template. I bought him colorful children's tights that he has to wear without panties. Then I see his big banana immediately and then help him jerk off. In the evening, his tights are nicely pasted. At night he is put on a diaper to keep the bed clean.

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Answer # 1

jch, 23j hane a sweet friend who always walks with me in the mini and with high jokes. I tie seomem's tail tightly to the sack, he wears a bra with breasts. but for 4 months I have been giving him female hormones. he is only 19 and schöank and now lo ,, em laangds, real tits and bals schrum + elm cock and eggs.

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Answer # 2

My Ehevotze wants that, I am a Sissi-Cuckold and Transe, had my own tits operated on 80B, am undergoing hormone treatment and want to get rid of my dick, this little one. I also want to get a cunt like my wife with whom I am a lesbian Relationship.

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Answer # 3

One of my employees is also my Tv slave. after work and at the weekend "she" is my maid.

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on 07/30/2018 at 7:23 am

I would like to have work for you too, have breasts 85 B / C, I also wear women's clothing at work.

on October 16, 2020 at 8:50 p.m.

I could imagine being available to you as my boss, as a TV slave in the office and at home 24/7.

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Answer # 5

He has to wear maid attire at home.

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on 10/30/2020 at 3:56 p.m.

Hei samira23 I would like to wear several of your down jackets the wrong way round and then I have to clean for several hours in all of your down jackets and thongs and you are the mistress

on February 26th, 2021 at 9:51 am

It doesn't make you awesome, but you can do a Kinx much better with it

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Answer # 6

one of my friends is bi and has long wanted to be able to take on my husband. So I bought cute girls clothes for my husband. My friend likes it.

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Answer # 7

I want to get to know a dominant woman who captivates me

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Answer # 8

My foster son is now totally a slave to me and does everything I ask of him, so he can sleep with me if he was good he

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Answer # 9

Of course. I love to watch his sissy ass get fucked. Preferably from a whole group of men who fuck him really hard.

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Question from xyz

Are there women here who like to feminize men?


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