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I locked the car and made my way to my and, or rather Taes, apartment to get my things there. I can't save it anyway.

Sighing, I unlocked the door and when I was inside heard a sob and various voices.

"Tae don't cry because of such an ass, you deserve better" I could hear the voice of my best friend. Were you back?

I crept quietly through the hallway into the bedroom, closed the door just as quietly and got my suitcase from the closet.
I opened it and packed all my things in there, including my pictures that I had taken with me. But I left one thing.

He can do what he wants with it, keep it or destroy it. His decision.

"So that the Lord still dares to come here," Yoongi growled and closed the door behind him.
"Why are you doing that with Tae?" I shrugged and closed my suitcase.

"Please talk to me," Yoongi crunched and came dangerously close to me. "I don't know what to talk about," I said monotonously and squeezed myself through him.

"Ever thought what it is like for Tae? Put yourself in his shoes you cheated on him! And you get married and have a child. Are you crazy? "Came suddenly from the door, which is why I looked there and immediately rolled my eyes.

Jimin stood there with Taehyung who looked really bad. We wouldn't do that now little incident I would go to him and hug him. But that is not possible.

"You know Jungkook" said Jimin thoughtfully and went to me. "I think it would be better if we break off all contact. Live your oh so great life with your oh so great fiancée and leave us alone"

I took a hard breath but nodded. "You are right, excuse me mine Fiancée waiting for me "and she really does, waiting in the car.

With a cold expression on my face, I walked past them and looked at my ex for a few seconds, who was staring at the floor.

Once outside, I went to the car with a smile on my face and delivered everything inside.

"Then go home," I sighed, put my hand on Lisa's thigh and started the engine.

When I drove off I could see from the corner of my eye how Tae and Jimin were standing at the window and looking at us.

Bye old life ...

Should I juststillthe wedding write and then a new book to begin, or directly continue writing after the wedding?

(I personalwould beFor the second 🤷🏻‍♀️)

I think i should while Ilike this write, do it No way Everyday from WINNER hear 😂