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Saving for the future; As we get older, we are dealing with this topic more than ever. We want security in old age, for the future of our children and grandchildren or for the dream trip that has long been on the wish list. The current economic climate has shaken security. Gold, silver, and platinum saving is a nifty way to build wealth for the future.

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Silver, gold and platinum save as compensatory interest

Gold, silver and platinum are independent of the performance of banks and many asset classes. As a result, saving with gold, silver and platinum forms a practical and flexible way of spreading the risk of savings assets such as euros. The precious metals themselves do not bring any interest or dividends, but are relatively stable in value. When you save on real silver, gold or platinum, you are independent of the performance of third parties.

Unlike companies, banks and even countries, gold, silver and platinum cannot go bankrupt. One of the most important properties of gold, silver and platinum is that they cannot be reprinted. This protects the solid value of the precious metal.

Simply save precious metal

GoldRepublic enables investors to save physical gold, silver and platinum. Saving precious metal is possible from as little as 50 euros per month, without a fixed contract period. and this without a fixed contract period. You can end your savings plan at any time, free of charge. GoldRepublic gives a buyback guarantee, which means that you can sell your precious metal again at any time. It is also possible to buy precious metals individually from the same account from time to time.

Save precious metal safely

By setting up a savings account, you authorize GoldRepublic to purchase gold, VAT-exempt silver or platinum for you on a monthly basis. The precious metal purchased from the savings plan is stored directly, securely and insured in an independent, professional safe in Switzerland.

Save cheaply

Since you buy precious metal at the same time as many other savers, you benefit from a low monthly purchase price. With the monthly purchase you only pay 0.5% transaction costs. The scattered buying of precious metal is also a simple way of realizing a favorable average buying rate.

Saving gold with goldrepublic is easy.

Is there a minimum contract term?

The savings plan has no contract term and can be terminated free of charge.

How can I cancel a savings plan?

A savings plan can be canceled on a monthly basis. If GoldRepublic receives your cancellation before the 15th of a calendar month, the automatic savings plan will be canceled on the 1st of the following month. Send us your signed savings contract (you can download it in your account) by post, email or fax.

Can I create multiple savings plans?

Yes, you can have an unlimited number of savings plans.

When can I sell the precious metal I have saved?

In your account you can place a sell order for the complete or partial sale of your saved precious metal at any time.

You can expect your bank account to be debited with the agreed savings amount on the last trading day of each month.

When will the precious metal be posted to your account?

On the first trading day of the new month, the precious metal positions you have bought will be credited to your account. You will be informed automatically by email.

Do I get a return on my saved gold?

With a gold savings plan, you will not get any return. When selling your precious metal, however, you can benefit from a possible price increase.

Overview of risks

An investment in physical precious metal at GoldRepublic offers opportunities for attractive returns. However, such an investment is also associated with risks and is therefore not suitable for every investor. It is important that you understand the characteristics and risks of investing in physical precious metal before making a decision to invest. You must also carefully consider whether an investment in physical precious metal is right for you, given your experience, your investment horizon, your other investments, your financial position, your risk tolerance and other relevant circumstances. The following sections provide an indication of the risks that are relevant with regard to the consequences and the likelihood that these risks will occur.

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