Are left-handers also left-handers

Left-handers - why they don't do everything "left-handed"

Do you grab a fountain pen or a toothbrush with your left hand? About one in ten people is left-handed. That is really quite normal, even if some people could not believe it for a long time. However, in our "right-handed" world, left-handed people still have a bit of a difficult time

Have you ever read such nonsense? Left-handed children “squint, they stutter, they shuffle and stagger, they waddle like seals in the country. In all seriousness, it was written by a doctor in 1937. Such nonsense, one can only say about it. And want to show him a bird. With the left hand.

Pure automatic

Left-handed people are no more stupid than right-handed people! You just do a lot of things automatically with your left hand. Just observe yourself: what hand do you use to reach for an object? Which one do you use to hold the toothbrush, the dice cup while playing, the table tennis bat? And: with which hand do you write? Many of you will answer: With your left!

Famous left-handers

You're in really good company there. Many famous people are left-handed: the actress Julia Roberts, for example, the musicians Paul McCartney and Sting. Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Even Goethe, Mozart and Beethoven picked up pens with their lefts when they wanted to put something on paper. Because of "boobies and bunglers"!

Is everything just for right-handers?

In Germany at least ten million people do most of the "left wing". But it is not easy for them. Because our everyday life is clearly set up for right-handers. Fountain pens, scissors, can openers, cameras, guitars, all these very common things are what a left-hander has to deal with. For example, if he writes from left to right with a fountain pen, he can easily smear the fresh ink with his hand. You may still be able to grip a pair of scissors with your left hand - but then you can no longer see the cut edge properly because it is covered by the upper scissor blade. Many items are already specially designed for left-handers, but unfortunately they are usually much more expensive than those for so-called "normal people".

"Left" is negatively affected

Maybe that's why left-handed people were often thought to be clumsy and clumsy. It used to be really dangerous for them: In the Middle Ages, some of them were burned at the stake because left-handed people out of superstition were believed to be a sign of the devil. Left-handers were turned into outsiders, they were "left lying on the left". Even today there are idioms that associate "left" with something bad: a "left guy" is someone who cheats on others; "To left someone" means to cheat another; and those who "stand up with their left foot" are said to have a bad day ahead of them.

Trimmed to the "right" by force

Until around 30 years ago, left-handedness was often considered abnormal. Children were forced to write with their right hand at school - often with brutal methods: they tied their left arm to the back of a chair or even put it in a cast! No wonder some girls and boys got tantrums as a result. Many couldn't concentrate because of the torture, and some got really sick from it.

You can't just switch because people can't just switch from left to right! The "handedness" is innate. The researchers do not know exactly why someone is born left-handed. But what is certain is that our brain plays an important role in this. As is well known, this consists of two halves. The right hemisphere controls mainly the movements of the left side of the body; the left hemisphere "rules" the right side. In left-handed people, the right hemisphere is particularly pronounced.

Confusion and stress

If a left-hander has to write with his right, he is putting far too much strain on his "weak" left hemisphere. She is overwhelmed and can hardly do what is asked of her. The "strong" right half, on the other hand, is under-challenged. The upstairs room is constantly confused. No wonder, then, when many of the "reversed" children really started to stutter or did poorly in school.

Left-footed - in great demand! Fortunately, children are no longer allowed to be "turned around". In some schools, left-handers are even given special support, for example in sports: a left-footed footballer is popular in every team because there aren't that many players who can cross well from the left! Some even believe that left-handed people are particularly intelligent. Well, that's probably an exaggeration too. But they must be particularly smart. Because only in this way can they overcome the obstacles in our right-handed world every day.