Spits on bullying

Vienna - A monstrous scandal has occurred at a school in the Ottakring district of Vienna. One teacher was bullied by his class until he freaked out and spat on a student. Various videos are circulating on the Internet.

The clips show how the class systematically beats down their teacher. The students play with their cell phones, roll cigarettes or utter wild insults. A video then shows how the teacher clashes with a beefy student. The situation escalates when the teacher is harassed by the student. The 50-year-old screams: "Out of class! Out!" The student doesn't seem to care, he answers cheekily: "Shut up!" Thereupon blow the fuses and at the teacher he can be seen spitting at the student! The student wipes his face and once then hurls the teacher with full force against the blackboardbefore the video ends.

Now this scandal has consequences: As various Austrian media and the Bild-Zeitung report, the lecturer was fired immediately after the incident. "The teacher has clearly crossed a red line here and he will certainly no longer stand alone in our class, "said director Johannes Bachmair to the courier. He is also accused of having done in the past racist and being noticed sarcastic utterances. Incidentally, it should be about the teacher a lateral climber without any pedagogical training act.

Consequences for students too

"I have never been violent towards students and, according to my perception, I did not spit. In the next step you have to be a teacher Afraid of being beaten upif the grades don't match, "the teacher defended himself, as the portal heute.at now reports.

The incident also has consequences for the bullying students: the thug and other students, who are said to have attracted negative attention due to provocation, must now each other answer to an internal disciplinary committee. The headmaster was totally shocked by the incident: "I am speechless about the videos and their incredibly destructive power. I didn't know her. "