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We want to make the German-Russian dictionary the best free online dictionary available. We need your help for that. The contributions of all users to the German-Russian dictionary help to continuously improve and enlarge the online dictionary. Every new German expression and every specific Russian word make the German-Russian dictionary more useful. German and Russian translations can differ greatly depending on the subject. The same German term can have many very different Russian translations. We want to cover all of these terms in our German-Russian dictionary.

Register by logging into the community today. Registered members can collect points by participating in For example, you will receive points in the world ranking list if you add a new German term to the German-Russian dictionary. Challenge your friends, family and other users on and compete for first place in the world ranking. If you are unsure about a German or Russian word, you can simply ask in the German-Russian forum. All users meet in the forum and discuss a wide range of topics - from the translation of common German expressions to Russian grammar to exact Russian translations of technical German terms.

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Russian is spoken by more than 280 million people worldwide - 160 million of whom are native speakers. It is the most common language in Europe and is also considered a world language. The Russian alphabet looks very different from the German alphabet because it is written using the Cyrillic alphabet. While the Cyrillic alphabet looks a bit confusing at first, it really isn't that difficult to learn. Learning Russian is also not really difficult, especially if you have the German Russian dictionary to help you.

The German Russian dictionary will help you in all emergencies. First of all, it helps you to find a German Russian translation quickly. Once you have entered the German word in the input bar, you will get a Russian translation for the word with just one click. But not only that - you will receive important information such as pronunciation, gender, origin, etc. in order to better understand the German-Russian translation and you will usually also receive an example sentence that puts the German-Russian translation into context.

If you can think of another German Russian translation that is not yet available in our German Russian dictionary, please let us know, we will add the German Russian translation immediately. Many users have already suggested German-Russian translations. You are welcome to vote for these, or edit these entries.

If you have a specific question about a German Russian translation, please feel free to ask your question in our German Russian forum. You will surely get an answer quickly. On the other hand, you are also welcome to answer questions in the German Russian forum - the users will certainly be grateful to you.

Learning Russian verbs can be a bit monotonous at times. But not with the English Russian dictionary! The German Russian dictionary offers you many different games to improve your Russian vocabulary. With our German Russian games you can easily learn new Russian vocabulary, improve and consolidate your existing Russian skills.

If you already speak Russian quite well, then just have a look at our language blog Lexiophiles. Here you will find numerous interesting Russian articles. By reading Russian articles, you will quickly consolidate a language and quickly get a very good feeling for the language.

We hope you enjoy learning and discovering the German Russian dictionary!