How do teenagers change

Physical changes in girls

When puberty begins, how long it lasts and how it ends, varies. Even before it is noticeable from the outside that puberty has begun, hormones give the starting signal for remodeling measures in the body. One of the first signs of physical change is rapid body growth. This changes the size, but also the proportions of the body shift. Not all parts of the body always grow at the same time. Through an increased production of the growth hormone somatotropin (STH) and the insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) - and under the influence of sex hormones - the body begins to grow and the skeleton (the bones) to mature. The first signs of female body shape (chest, wider hips in relation to the waist, more pronounced thighs) become visible. This is partly due to the development of bones and muscles, but also to the distribution of fat. For example, girls tend to attach fatty tissue to the pelvis and thighs than boys, and boys to the abdomen and upper body, for example.

It can be that sometimes girls do not feel really comfortable in their "new" female body. You try to get rid of the love handles with one-sided diets and starvation diets. In the long term, however, these hardly bring any success. On the contrary: They can damage the body and usually lead to more pounds than before. Those who want to be slim are better guided by a healthy, balanced diet. Incidentally, a better body feeling can also be achieved through exercise. More information about movement.