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Getting married in France | This is how you plan your French wedding

Getting married in France ... how should the story of your dream wedding begin? Your yes-word falls on a French property, in the background the gentle hilly landscape as a backdrop and your loved ones around you? At long tables you can enjoy French cuisine in the open air and French wine melt in your mouth. Or do you see yourself and your sweetheart at a fairytale wedding in front of one of the many romantic castles in France? Whatever you dream of when you think about getting married in France, here's everything you need to know. Bon voyage!

Getting married in France

Getting married in France is a dream for many newlyweds. A wedding in the land of love, wine and cheese really sounds like a dream. Despite this, or perhaps because of that, a wedding in France is a challenge for most brides that they cannot or want to master alone. Where do you start if you want to get married abroad? What do you have to think about and what has to be organized? It doesn't have to be as complicated as it seems. If you have enough time to plan your wedding in France and diligent helpers, getting married in France is a breeze.

Wedding planner in France

If you need help planning your wedding in France, it is a good idea to book a wedding planner. Our goal with this article is that you are well informed if you are planning to get married in France. That's why we asked wedding planner Gretha Wijbenga from Bruiloft in Bourgogne for the best tips and tricks for getting married in France. She has lived in France for several years and plans weddings for international couples.

Can you get married as a German in France?

Here we have both good and bad news. The bad news first: In France, you can only get married under a civil law, i.e. before the law, if at least one of you has a residence, works or was born in France. There is one exception: if one (or both) of your parents own a house in France, you can speak to the mayor of the municipality and ask for consent. Then it depends on his goodwill whether a wedding in France is possible for you. Now the good news: If these things don't apply to you, you may not be able to get married under the law, but you can still plan a free wedding ceremony in beautiful France. This is purely symbolic, which means that you would get married in your home country.

Getting married before the law in France

If you are one of those brides who can have a civil wedding in France, there are still a few things to consider. An official marriage, which is valid in France before the law, takes place in French and mainly includes the bureaucratic and formal part of a wedding. Ask yourself beforehand whether you want that, or whether you would rather marry in a civil ceremony in your home town and then plan a free wedding ceremony in France. Because even if the language of love sounds really beautiful, the level of emotions will be rather low if you only understand half of what the registrar is saying. Wedding planner Gretha von Bruiloft in Bourgogne therefore recommends bridal couples to first legally marry in their hometown and then to celebrate the festival of love in France.

Gretha: If you decide to get married in a beautiful location in France with all your loved ones, then you are surely dreaming of an individual wedding ceremony, right?

A symbolic wedding in France

If you or your partner want to celebrate your love in the land of love, you can always celebrate a symbolic wedding in France. So that the celebration is not just a party, but also has a special ceremony, you can invite a wedding speaker or ask a good friend or family member to take on this task. In addition, this is the perfect time to make your mutual marriage vows.

How do you organize a wedding in France?

To get married in France, it makes sense to find a wedding planner who specializes in international weddings or even specifically in weddings in France. A wedding planner who knows the location can help you find the best service providers. Wedding planner Gretha says: "When preparing the wedding, I not only take care of the bride and groom by advising them, but also by eliminating the language barrier between the couple and the service provider. I can look at the locations for my couples and make sure that they are accurate Get the wedding cake they want and tell the florist exactly what kind of bouquet the bride wants. " Sounds like Gretha could do many bridezilla moments prevent;)

Wedding photos from your wedding in France

Beautiful wedding photos from your wedding in France?Oui, oui! Finding the right wedding photographer in another country can be complicated as it is not that easy and maybe not that often to meet in advance and you have to trust the photographer's portfolio completely. This can be stressful for some future bride. Therefore, one possibility is to hire a photographer from home to travel with you to the wedding. We asked Angela Bloemsaat van Love Story Photography exactly how this works, who as a wedding photographer is allowed to photograph the most beautiful destination weddings around the world.

Angela says: "If I am booked for a wedding abroad, I can hardly wait until the time has come! First, however, I want to get to know the couple well. That's why we make an appointment for a detailed introductory talk. We go the schedule for the Go through the wedding and see how we can incorporate the best photo moments. I also give couples tips on how to look good in wedding photos. Many couples want to do one before the wedding Loveshoot book. In my opinion, this is the best way for the bride and groom and the photographer to get to know each other. Such a shoot is also a kind of test shoot, which ensures that you are familiar and can take even better wedding photos. Especially at weddings abroad, it is important that the photographer also clicks with the wedding guests, as a foreign wedding often lasts a whole weekend. And that can best be judged if you get to know each other before the wedding. "

The best moment for wedding photos in France

Getting married in France usually means that you can enjoy the day with lots of sun. But the bright sun is not always ideal for taking wedding photos. According to Angela, the best time for wedding photos is between 4:00 p.m. and sunset, as the light is not so hard then. She does not recommend setting the wedding photo shoot between 11:00 and 15:00, as the light is brightest during this time. Most men also wear a suit to a wedding, so the warmest part of the day is not the best time for wedding photos.

Getting married in France: what exactly does it look like?

A French wedding of a French bride and groom is very likely to look different than if a German couple decides to get married in France. We are of course very curious and want to know what the process of a French wedding looks like:

  • A French wedding usually takes place on a Saturday.
  • Tout le monde is invited! On average 150-300 guests come to a French wedding: uncles, aunts, distant cousins, nephews and nieces, friends, neighbors, friends of parents, colleagues, etc.
  • The official ceremony takes place in the registry office and begins around noon.
  • A civil marriage in France mainly consists of formal aspects, such as the marriage certificate. No romantic bells, they are there for the church wedding.
  • The church wedding often takes place on Saturday afternoons after the civil ceremony.
  • After the church wedding, the bride and groom go with the entire wedding party to the location of the wedding celebration with a thunderous noise.
  • Then it's time for themvin d'honneur (Drink) between 5:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
  • Afterwards there is a large wedding dinner with several courses. Including speeches from the bridal couple, friends and family, this part of the wedding usually lasts until midnight.
  • The wedding cake is part of the dessert.
  • The French celebrate from midnight until the early hours of the morning until they fall into bed.
  • The day after is celebrated with friends and family with an extensive brunch.

Imagine your wedding in France

Gretha gave us a picture of what a wedding in France can look like for her newlyweds: "I usually advise the newlyweds to have a small one on the evening before the weddingpre-partyorganize with a casual BBQ or a buffet of French appetizers. Maybe you even have the opportunity to organize a pool party, super cool! This way, the guests get in the mood before the actual wedding. On the morning of the big day, or as the French call it,Jour J,you can have breakfast together with all your guests. Then everyone gets ready for the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are also preparing for the wedding. If the bride and groom don't mind seeing each other in their outfits before the wedding, it's time for themfirst lookwhen the wedding photos come up. After the first photo shoot, it's time for the ceremony and your yes-word. Then cake and champagne are ready. Afterwards, delicious French cuisine, emotional speeches by parents and groomsmen and the dance floor await you. The next day there is a cozy brunch, where you can review the most beautiful day in your life with your wedding guests.

French wedding traditions

Anyone getting married in France does it for a reason - be it the food, the landscape, the French mentality or French traditions. Speaking of traditions, which traditions are there anyway? For example, there is a big difference to the wedding cake as we know it in Germany. The French love Croquembouche, a pyramid made of cream puffs in different flavors, also known as Krachgebäck in Germany. When the sweet pastries are served is up to you. The French prefer it as a dessert.

French dinner at your wedding

The following also applies to the wedding dinner: the choice is yours! There are many options for a French dinner: Coq au vin, Boeuf Bourguignon, Steak Tartare, Ratatouille or a salad with regional ingredients such as delicious fromage!

Tips for getting married in France

Wedding planner Gretha has a few last tips: "My tip? Make sure you get in direct contact with service providers, visit the service providers on site, make phone calls and check, check doublecheck! Does it take too long or do you not speak the language well enough? Then let a wedding planner help you or ask someone who knows France and the language well. "

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