Which country has the most attractive flag?

Which countries have the craziest flags?

We recently researched which countries have the best national flags. In our search for the best, we also found some, say, special flags. Some of the flags we came across were almost too good to be true. So we decided to make another list of national flags, but this time with a little twist: which countries have the craziest flags?


Bermuda is a British colony in the Atlantic Ocean. The flag contains two flags, one is the flag of the United Kingdom and the other is the flag of Bermuda. It looks as if the two images were placed by chance without much thought. Fun fact: the Bermudian gun was a bit smaller before 1999 but has been changed to that size. Why they didn't all change flags together remains a mystery.


The flag of Mozambique is as simple as it can be. They have the only national flag in the world with a modern firearm on it, an AK47 to be precise. In the background you can see three colored stripes. The color is green for agriculture, black for the African continent, and yellow for the country's natural resources. The red triangle is a symbol of the war of independence against Portugal.


Dominica is an island in the Caribbean Sea, and this country has also opted for a very special design. The bird in the center of the flag is the Sisserou parrot, which is a symbol of ambition. The parrot is an endangered species, there are currently around 300 of them left. The ten stars each symbolize a different part of the country, while the red circle symbolizes justice.

Isle of Man

We blinked a couple of times the first time we saw this flag. The Isle of Man is an island in the Irish Sea. On the red national flag is a triskelion with three armored legs that are somehow attached to each other.

Kingdom of Benin

Of course we had to keep the best flag until the end. You may never have heard of it, but until 1897 the Kingdom of Benin was a real country. When it was colonized by Great Britain, an admiral brought this rather intense flag back to London after an expedition into the country. It is not certain whether it was actually the official national flag of Benin. What is certain, however, is that the meaning of the flag leaves very little room for the imagination. The former country is now part of Nigeria.

That's it. Did we miss a crazy flag? Let us know in the comments!