Why should we eat cookies with coffee

It doesn't always have to be a cookie

With these sweets, the coffee tastes twice as delicious

Pure enjoyment
Mostly a marginal phenomenon, wrapped in plastic film: the obligatory biscuit with coffee. But there are many other delicacies that go well with warming hot drinks. We give tasty tips on which attentions on the rim of the cup you will certainly remember your guests with.

Coffee and its aromatic relatives are among the most popular hot drinks among Germans. The dark drink accompanies breakfasts as well as cozy lunchtime hours. Coffee is often accompanied by simple, foil-wrapped biscuits that don't look good and actually don't do justice to the wonderful bean drink. But that need not be! Surprise your guests with these delicious additions, which are made in no time at all:

They're in your mouth with a nudge

Mini chocolate pancake

Pancake on a stick? Yup! Skewered on chopsticks, these delicious pancakes can be eaten in a bite and go wonderfully with a creamy latte macchiato.

These Buchteln are for those with a sweet tooth


Buchteln are wonderfully fluffy and quick to make. The soft yeast biscuits with nuts, stollen spices and amaretto almond liqueur go perfectly with a good cup of black coffee.

Coffee and chocolate - a perfect duo

Chocolate tart

We wouldn't be surprised if your guests order a second piece immediately after a small piece of this chocolate dream. A mini piece of tarte au chocolat is the perfect accompaniment to a strong espresso.

Crunchy and fruity at the same time - the Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble

Super fruity, super crispy: A piece of apple crumble is excellent with a white coffee or cappuccino and is prepared with links. Especially delicious fresh out of the oven!

A piece of strudel dough with a winter touch

Crunchy dried fruit tart

A piece of this delicious tart provides the right crunch: With strudel dough and aromatic dried fruit, this pastry doubles the coffee enjoyment of your guests.