How do I register an NGO

How do I register my nonprofit to get a license?

Since you specifically mention that you are considering a nonprofit / NGO, there is no legal obligation to register your organization unless they want to raise funds to request a tax exemption for their donors. In this case, each organization is required by law to document a trust deed / memorandum of understanding, which contains the name and address of the organization as well as its mission and objectives, the board members and their details, administrative laws and procedures, information on human resources and personnel as well as rules and rules by which it will be operational. When you actually register your organization, you need your governing body, which is responsible for all organizational decisions, strategy / workings and all financial management / plans of the organization.

Application for registration :

Your application should be submitted to the appropriate official in the area in which the trust is to operate or in the region in which it is to be registered. The properly submitted application form contains full details of the governing body members (a minimum of two members are required, as on the governing body) (trustee in your case) & registered address of the trust with a registration fee and a court fee that vary by state / region in that the trust registers may vary. The application should be submitted in front of the registrar and the official authorities of the Charity Commissioner with approval. A letter from the governing body, in which all legal documents are chargeable, is paid for by the members.

Note : However, there may be slight differences in the registration process / fees / documents required as the rules and actions are different in each state when considering registering trusts in India in the long run.

Define your organizational vision:

1. Change what you want to see over the next 10 years.

2. Impact you will have on society.

3. Long-term sustainability.

4. Your organizational values.


1. Plan to achieve your next 5 years.

2. Fund and resource management, which must initially be maintained for at least 2 years.

3. How do you plan to reach the maximum beneficiary?

4. Long-term resources and sustainability.

Funding your NGO:

You can use several resources right from the start. I would suggest that you use your mouth to promote your NGO with the help of your friends, family, relatives etc. and their circle. When you start receiving a good amount of donations / funds you could use some to promote your NGO organization. The basic requirement is to have your own website and to advertise your NGO with your job description. There are several options that can help you get good traffic to your website.

You may have sponsored Facebook posts where you can post photos, posts and testimonials of your NGO from volunteers or beneficiaries of your NGO, which in turn attracts people's attention.

You can schedule some events in public areas like the train station, bus stop, shopping malls, gardens and hospitals where a short engaging video, drama and flash mob dance by your volunteer will help make people more attractive to NGOs they, in turn, can help make you some money too. Therefore, plan as many public activities as possible. Keeping your website / social presence up to date and updating the content regularly will also help you increase your online presence.

If you have no previous experience of volunteering with an NGO,

I would like to suggest that you join an NGO that works in the area in which you would like to work with your own NGO. This is very helpful in gaining insight into how an NGO works and if possible, try to lead the way in that organization rather than just volunteering with them. This will give you more experience in a very short time. However, if you do volunteer, you should have at least a year of experience before you have yours to make sure that you are also happy with the following points as well. However, there are many more points that need to be considered. However, here is a list of a few important points.

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