Why do I hate calls


Phone calls are stupid. Really stupid!

... and since 1998. Full 90s, ey!

Hi! My name is Finja. I created this page to explain why I don't take most calls. And why I love email so much!

I hope this article will help you understand my point of view and my values. There are good reasons for my preferred communication channels. Please see if you can understand some of it.

Many website owners, programmers and bloggers feel the same way as I do. Maybe you even ended up here through a link from someone like that. So, on behalf of all web workers, let me explain to you why phone calls are so stupid.

Ok, I'll read this through!

Because I'm pretty busy

What you want to tell me is probably no more important than what I just decided to do.

Whether I work or spend quality time with people who are close to my heart: I hate to be interrupted! Lots of people want to call me because it's more convenient for her is. However, they often fail to see that this does not apply to everyone involved.

The following may sound disagreeable, but my prospects appreciate the fact that I don't let other customers interrupt or distract me while I'm working on their assignment. Acumen and concentration are important, especially when programming. And with many other things, interruptions are annoying and reduce productivity. Imagine I'm working on one of your assignments: Would you want me to be constantly distracted?

Well, maybe I'm not working at all right now. But you can't know that if you just call!

solution: If you want to tell me something really important, leave me a message (preferably by email or SMS). If you cannot fully express your concern in words, at least roughly describe what it is about. In a free moment I will read your message and then call you back if this is necessary and wanted by you.

Do you really want to bother me with what I'm doing?

Because my schedule and my to-do lists on my mobile phone are stored

Many of the calls involve planning a joint meeting. Or I am asked to do something.

Most callers don't seem to realize that it's difficult for me to keep my calendar and todo list (the on my mobile phone stored!) while I use my damn smartphone to talk to them on the phone.

Maybe with a loudspeaker and nimble fingers that can be done in a pinch. But it is anything but efficient! I like working efficiently. And that's why it annoys me very much when I have to do such contortions just because of a phone call.

Sure, I could also call up the calendar on a desktop PC. But if someone calls me without being asked, I probably don't have one on hand at the moment.

solution: Send me your appointment request by e-mail, I will then send you a list of suitable times. If you like, you can make a few suggestions of your own right away. Or use a doodle link if you like.
You can also send me a task for my todo list by email.

(There is a possibility that I will reject you completely, see reason # 1. On the phone, however, I would have done that even more!)

Because a call leaves no trace

In discussions over the phone, decisions are often made.

The problem is that the conversation leaves no trace of these decisions. Nothing, nada! As soon as we hang up, everything is gone. At least everything that is tangible.

Let me give you an example: I recently got into an argument with a customer because he was sure he told me exactly what he wanted on the phone. But: There was nothing that could prove that. And that was at least as annoying for him as it was for me.

It is therefore a good business habit to summarize what has been discussed in a follow-up email (or some other “permanent” form of communication).

Solution: Instead of making decisions over the phone and then summarizing them in an email, it is much more effective to exchange information directly by email. At least in the vast majority of cases.

Years later (yes, my email archive is large!) We can still understand what we discussed and decided together. Without anyone having to write a protocol. Often it can even be seen how and why the decision was made. Word for word in the "original sound". That can be very helpful!

Because making a phone call is a rash and impolite communication channel

Calling someone is like showing up at someone's office.

For the caller is a phone call at first glance convenient because it entails immediate action. Unfortunately, this is also often a problem: Both interlocutors are under unnecessary pressure and have no chance to think adequately about what has been said or the answer.

This can create uncomfortable situations and in the end, neither can really help either. Sometimes I end up in a lengthy and unclear conversation that might have been unnecessary from the start. In such cases I have I lost the time that the caller should have invested in order to organize his thoughts and formulate his concerns. And despite the time I invested, the caller probably did not get an optimal answer. That's stupid!

Solution: When writing an email, we both have the opportunity to think about the message beforehand. Please try to keep everything clear and concise. This increases the chances that the text will actually be read, understood and answered as expected.

In some cases, when you write, you will even find that you don't really need to bother the recipient, but that the answer is already obvious.

Give us time to think!

Because repetitions are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly

I am contacted by many entrepreneurs looking for a programmer or co-founder. Or who want to present their business idea / website to me for another reason. Some companies are also simply looking for new business partners, advertising opportunities or link sources.

These companies introduce themselves to a large number of people. Over and over again.

I see at least two problems with this approach:

  • Repetition can significantly reduce the enthusiasm and "spirit" of your presentation
  • Repeating it orally with each call is very time consuming

Whether I want to hear the idea at all is another matter. I most likely don't want it on the phone!

Solution: Sending emails allows you to copy and paste entire sections (e.g. your introduction). This saves time and, even after repeated use, gets the message that you want to get across.

Of course, you still have to tailor your email to the respective recipient. But there are certainly passages that you can use again and again (in a slightly different form).

Because calls are sometimes uncomfortable and inappropriate

When I was still employed, headhunters sometimes called me during my working hours. Apparently no one thought about the fact that I might be uncomfortable talking about a job offer while my current boss is sitting across from me.

Many bloggers and web workers work in a regular job alongside their own projects. Often you don't have the opportunity to speak freely.

Maybe I'm in a meeting, on the toilet or on a crowded S-Bahn. None of this would be a suitable setting for our conversation.

Solution: Please think about the fact that you probably do not know what environment I am in when you call me. This environment could be counterproductive to our entertainment!

If there is no way around a call, please ask me at least in advance for a suitable time (see reason # 1 and reason # 2).

Because I probably didn't give you my phone number voluntarily

Here in Germany, case law does not agree on whether it is mandatory to include a telephone number in the imprint.

Sometimes it is said that the e-mail address and contact form are sufficient for "quick and direct communication" (TMG § 5 Paragraph 1 No. 2), but then a phone number is requested elsewhere. Because of this uncertainty, many website operators are forced to give their (often private) mobile phone number in the imprint for fear of warnings. BTW: Dear legislator: Does it have to be like that ?!
The number you want to dial is not there so that you can offer me a link exchange, but only for legal reasons!

Do you really think it is beneficial for your concerns if you call me anyway?

Solution: There is certainly also an email address in the imprint. You should use this to get in contact with me! This is especially true for a first contact!

I don't want you to call me!

Calls cannot be sorted or prioritized

Calls can only be accepted as they arrive. But maybe some concerns are more urgent than others!

Imagine a salesperson chewing my ear off for 20 minutes. While you want to discuss a really urgent problem that I would be available to do as well. The unnecessary call blocks me completely, so that you can neither reach me by e-mail nor in any other way. During the conversation, I don't even notice that you urgently need my help (because the mailbox is on the cell phone I'm using at the moment).

Admittedly, the example is a bit constructed. I would never devote so much time to the seller on the phone. But you understand what I'm getting at:

If I had both concerns in writing, I could prioritize them sensibly. That way I could read the seller's offer in peace, and work on your problem immediately.

Solution: Write me an e-mail (or a text message if you have to be very quick)! If necessary, write “Urgent: Problem XY” in the subject. So I can see at first glance that your concern has priority. The email from the seller (which I would have gotten rid of on the phone anyway) can be pushed back and processed later.

Please leave the prioritization to me and don't force yourself by calling. You never know if I'm working on a more pressing matter right now.

Because I am forgetful

Difficult to admit, but sad reality: I just have trouble remembering phone calls.

It has always been difficult for me to remember people, faces and conversation contents. I don't know why, but I've always been forgetful. As far as I can remember. BTW: Thanks to my family and friends who have willingly resigned themselves to telling me everything twice.

Because more things are beating down on me than I can remember, I use notes, to-do lists and a calendar. And just emails!

That means: If we don't know each other yet and you introduce yourself by phone, there is a relatively high risk that you will be able to do that again later.

Please do not feel attacked if I cannot identify who you are and what you do. If I really don't care, I'll tell you!

solution: An email briefly introducing yourself and your project will help me to remember you. And if I do forget, I can at least look it up.

"On a scale from 1 to 10, how forgetful are you?" - "How was the question again?" - "Oh, forget it!"


Spread the love! Let's teach the world that calling is out! Link this golden communication etiquette directly to your phone number in the imprint. If someone calls you anyway, there are only two options:

  1. He / she has a really, really turbo important issue. End of the world or winning the lottery or something.
  2. He / she is a disrespectful solid post. Hang up immediately!

"Hey, give me your number!"

Let the full posts call ME!

There are always a few idiots who are simply incapable of learning. No problem! Just leave the mob with me call. I have 2 landline numbers for these particular candidates. There is a mailbox running at a time that can listen very well and can be reached at any time.

One variant is "serious". The announcement explains that unfortunately nobody can be reached by phone at the moment and that please write an email. This number is also suitable for your imprint if you do not want to provide your own number. The caller is answered. There is no way to leave a voicemail. +49 (0) 4141 9288214

The second mailbox is for the very tough cases. It explains what we all have known for a long time: calls are stupid! I try to explain to the caller why this is the case in a good 2 minutes and rather ask them to write an e-mail. If he still doesn't get it, he can leave me a voicemail. What does that do for him? Nothing. Really nothing. Whenever I've had a really bad day, I listen to the news, have a lot of fun, and then delete all the crap. For every voicemail left behind, I donate one euro to the Netzpolitik.org association (as long as the budget lasts). +49 (0) 4141 9288215

You can use my numbers how and where you want. Write them in your legal notice, enter them in a survey, or redirect your own connection there. Because of me, let your date and your insurance broker call me.

You are Not obliged to link to Why-ich-keine-Anruf-mag.de in the vicinity of the telephone number. But, it does make sense! Do what you want, ey!