Can you die of rethinking?

Fear does not prevent death. Fear prevents life.

The current crisis shows us the fear of death. It shows our mortality. It shows that we are humans and not machines. Death has always existed and is part of our life, just like birth. It is our cycle. We live with death every day! However, it is a completely different story when the fear of death becomes so powerful that we stop living.

Rather, the current time should encourage rethinking and not massive fear. You have time to rethink your whole life instead of wallowing in the news and freezing in fear.

There was a phase in my life when I was doing a lot of crazy things in a very short space of time, like bungee jumping in Thailand.

Many people have said that I was crazy to do something like this in a country that doesn't have such high safety regulations as Germany, for example. I did it anyway. During the same period, I also flew to Koh Samui with a small propeller plane. A lot of things on the plane were held together with tapes, and my seat always folded back completely.

Weeks later, I made the decision to parachute in Byron Bay, Australia. It was a great experience that I can only recommend to everyone. It was exciting to be in free fall, and super relaxing and liberating to glide slowly down with the open parachute.

But what was the best thing about all the experiences - or about this phase of life: I wasn't afraid of death. I took the experiences that I wanted to take with me. I enjoyed them so much because my mind was free from fear. I was in full confidence. I knew that life carried me and that I shouldn't wait for tomorrow. It was pure enjoyment, full of adventure and the natural flow. It was definitely one of the best parts of my life so far.

I also know times when it works the other way round. Times when I'm scared and looking for security. Security that nobody can give me because it doesn't exist.

If I don't get fully involved in my life, then I'll be scared. Fear of death. Fear to fail. Afraid of the opinion of others. Fear of not being loved.

Of course, a bungee jump can go wrong, the parachute cannot open when jumping, or an airplane can crash. But it could also be that we have a car accident, fall down stairs, or suffer an allergic shock.

My concern is that we do not know when and how we will die. And the same goes for the people we love. Because we are worried about them too.

However, we know for sure that we are going to die. It's the only security we have in life. Wouldn't it be wiser to use death as a motivation for a full life? To accept that life and death simply belong together.

We only really begin to live when we let go of the fear of death.
Death is a part of our life.
Honoring and respecting death means living life to the fullest.

In Bali I met an Indian meditation teacher in a café who invited me to his event. His meditation took place in an open room surrounded by rice fields and palm trees. This meditation was about death. We all lay there and imagined our death, how our body burns and our soul ascends as light towards heaven. The ashes of the body then flowed down a river.

This may all sound a bit macabre to you, but the deeper point was to really feel that we are much more than just the body and that there is nothing to fear. Everything is perfect the way it is. There is nothing to be afraid of. When you think about your death, you should want to create more life. Life cannot exist without death. One day we'll die. It's the only certainty we have. What if it's tomorrow Next week? Or next month?

Would you live your life the same way, do exactly what you are doing if you died tomorrow? Or would you do something completely different?
Is there someone you would say "I love you" to? Is there someone you would forgive?

Is there anything you can put off or not let go?
There will be no better time than today to do all of these things.

Death is part of our life like every breath we take. We just always try out of fear to hold on to people, situations and things that we cannot change - and that creates suffering.

It is the flow of life. And some things simply cannot be changed. Instead of accepting them and only changing what is in our hands, our lives sometimes degenerate into a real battle. And all because we don't want to let go and accept.

You know you will leave your body. Does it make sense to hold on to it desperately, or isn't it smarter to make the most of your time?

And it is the same when relatives leave. It is normal for grief to take hold and for us to suffer from loss. And yet we have to let go and surrender to the flow of life.

Everything flows in your life if you allow it. It's only when you try to fight it that it becomes difficult and arduous.

Out of fear we hold on. We hold on to life and forget about it. And in doing so, the fear of death becomes the fear of life. Because it is life that brings death with it. You can only die when you are alive.

There are people who would rather be frozen so that everything can always stay the same instead of flowing with life, letting it happen naturally. The way we were created. The way we should be.

Holding on keeps you from life. Fear is a general deterrent to life. The irony is that those who hold on to life the most are incapable of living. You just don't see life because holding on will cloud your view.

What if death isn't our enemy at all?
What if all existence is one?
What if death is just some kind of rest before moving on again?
What if you go home in death

It is life that brings death. Maybe life is day and death is night. The day cannot exist without the night. Without the night we are not prepared for the day.

It doesn't matter what fear it may be: life only begins after the fear.

If you only had one year to live, would you choose fear? Would you go shopping Would you argue with your partner? Would you try to do everything as accurately as possible?

Certainly you would also get things done that need to be done, but you wouldn't just end up with situations and emotions that pull you down and steal your energy. Would you spend your last year much nicer and just want to live?

Would you do things that you always wanted to do?
Would you put aside insecurities and do what your heart wants?
Would you choose freedom or limitation?

Wouldn't things become indifferent if we had forever?
Would we even make decisions?
Would we follow our heart?
Do we appreciate life?
Wouldn't we just be robots?

Excerpt from my book Freedom in the heart.

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