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The dream of emigrating often ends in a rude awakening. What sounded like an exciting step up the career ladder at home, turns out to be a professional dead end on site. Or the expats are so unhappy in their private lives that even a good job cannot make up for it.

Internations is a network for people who live and work abroad. Every year, the organization asks some of its 3.6 million members, according to its own account, how satisfied they are with their new home. According to Internations, 20,259 participants who lived in 187 countries or territories were surveyed for the current “Expat Insider 2019” study. They received a catalog of questions on a maximum of 48 aspects of life, which were divided into six main categories. These were:

  • life quality
  • Acclimatization
  • work life
  • personal finance
  • Cost of living
  • Family life

64 destinations were considered in the final ranking. At least 75 participants lived in each of them.

These are the ten countries expats advise against

10 South Korea

Korea climbed into the negative top 10 in the expat study in 2019. Foreigners were increasingly dissatisfied with working life. In this category, the country fell eleven places to 51st place. Quality of life went down by 14 places to 37th place. In particular, environmental pollution affects foreigners. 69 percent rated this factor negatively, compared to only 20 percent worldwide.

9 Russia

Last year, Russia wasn't among the worst countries for expats either. In terms of quality of life, it only came in 50th among 64 countries. When settling in it was only enough for 56th place. One in three (32 percent) rated the work-life balance as negative (worldwide: 21 percent).

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8 Greece

Greece cannot shake its bad image among foreign professionals and emigrants. It even rose one place in the negative ranking. For the sixth year in a row, Greece came last in the world in the personal finance category. 42 percent of expats stated that their household income was insufficient for daily expenses (worldwide: 23 percent). Even in terms of quality of life, it was only 38th place for the popular holiday destination among 64 nations.

7 Great Britain

The United Kingdom opened the top 10 in 2018. Now it was already "enough" for seventh place. This is where the effects and fears of the Brexit chaos become apparent. Great Britain fell 14 places to 57th in terms of political stability. "Brexit makes the future uncertain," said a German expat. In addition to the unclear residence status of EU citizens, 23 percent of those questioned were dissatisfied with the economic situation. In 2016, this value was only eight percent. In the personal satisfaction category, the UK came third from bottom out of 64 countries.

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6 India

India, on the other hand, improved somewhat compared to the 2018 ranking. The country made up three places. In terms of quality of life, India continues to be one of the worst countries for expats (62nd place). The same applies to the security situation (place 60). “As a woman, I don't feel safe,” said one American. India also came last in the world in terms of pollution.