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Knauf Super Finish 20kg, Sheetrock, fine filler, Q2-Q4

Knauf SuperFinish

Ready-to-use fine filler

scope of application

SuperFinish is a ready-to-use all-purpose filler. Suitable as a joint finish (Q2), for full-surface filling (quality levels Q3 and Q4), as well as for smoothing numerous substrates. In the interior, SuperFinish can e.g. B. can be used on the following substrates: ■ plasterboard ■ plasterboard ■ concrete / aerated concrete ■ plaster ■ flat stone masonry


Ready to use ■ No mixing and maturing times ■ Smooth consistency ■ Easy to use ■ Very easy to sand ■ Quality levels Q2 to Q4 ■ Good adhesion


Start: Stir the material, if necessary make it thinner with a little water. Use a clean mixing vessel / tool.

Machines and equipment: Tools: Swiss trowel, smoothing trowel, screw-handle spatula or flat spatula.

Processing time: Material hardens through drying, depending on air humidity and ambient temperature.

Processing temperature and climate: Material, substrate and air temperature must not fall below +10 ° C during processing and until completely dry.

Notes: Do not mix SuperFinish with other materials. Clean devices and tools with water after use. For thicker layers, take longer drying times into account, depending on the temperature and humidity.


The subsurface must be dry, stable, firm, level and clean. Existing release agents, e.g. Remove e.g. paste or waste. Plasterboard must be firmly mounted on a stable substructure, be dry, clean and free of dust in the joint area. Fill larger imperfections with Knauf Trias or Knauf Uniflott. Pre-filled joint areas must be completely dry and already well matched to the panel surface.


Quality level Q2 as joint finish Consumption kg / m²: 0.1 Coverage m² / packaging: 200

Quality level Q3 based on Q2 Consumption kg / m²: 0.5 Coverage m² / packaging: 40

with full-surface use, quality level Q4 based on Q2 - per mm thickness Consumption kg / m²: 1.6 Coverage m² / packaging: 12.5


Keep out of the reach of children. Always read the label and product information before use.

All further information can be found in the tech. Information sheet and the safety data sheet: