What are the negative effects of consumption

What are the effects of our consumption?

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The advantages and possibilities of consumption seem obvious - both from a social and economic point of view, as well as from the point of view of each individual. Interest groups, business representatives, companies and politicians never tire of naming these advantages and continuing to beat the drum for even more consumption.

But: People's consumer behavior leads to a multitude of problems. Some of them are known and are being discussed intensively in public. Other problems are less obvious and often receive little or no attention. The “normal citizen” is not aware of the context or the actual scope. At the moment, the efforts of politics and business to create public awareness of this are rather limited. Usually only individual problem areas are examined more intensively. The bigger picture is not sufficiently taken into account. However, the number of independent scientists, institutions, organizations and also companies is growing who have an eye on the bigger picture and make more and more information available, clarify the problems and their complexity and develop solutions. That gives hope.

Most of the information today can be found on consumption-related issues that are environmental. In this area there is also the greatest knowledge in the population. The knowledge about the social problems and consequences of consumption is already less. The problems that can arise for the individual through consumption are often not taken into account at all. A selection of problems is presented below.

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