How is the night life in Spain

The nightlife in Málaga - A typical party evening

When the decision had to be made in December last year whether to go to Malaga, Rome or Barcelona, ​​I was immediately hooked on Malaga. After all, everyone has been to Rome and you somehow come to Barcelona someday anyway. But have you ever had the idea of ​​going on a weekend trip to Málaga? You see, neither do I 😀. So we went to Malaga for a relaxing weekend.

Far from it, I just thought when we arrived at our apartment late in the evening, when the sun had already set. Because this was right in the city center on a backyard and after a very short time it was occupied with definitely 100-150 people who were laughing, drinking and just having fun.

In advance I had googled again quickly and perceived Málaga as a small, idyllic port city. I will have to learn how to google properly again 😀. As it turned out, Málaga is the student stronghold of Spain with half a million (500,000 people !!!) inhabitants. So we had to adapt and experienced the typical night life in Malaga and one of the best party nights since we've been together. As much as we did in one evening in Malaga, we didn't even dance in all of our dance classes before that 😀.

The start of the nightlife in Malaga has started: tapas, tapas, tapas

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Because the nightlife in Málaga cannot be compared with the German or the special Berlin party life. Before even going to the club, you don't meet at a friend's house to give yourself courage for the dance floor later or to have a drink 😉. In Málaga you start in a typical tapas bar, eat everything your heart desires in peace. Don't forget the delicious Serrano ham. I usually hate Serrano ham, this air dried stuff isn't mine, but the local Serrano from Malaga blew my mind! You have to wash it down with good red wine, because Spanish red wine can be so delicious (you can find food inspiration for Málaga here). And I bet after 2-3 or more glasses, you will quickly find yourself at another table, with previously strangers, with whom you now share the food and wine. When Málaguenos go out to party, it is never for themselves or the individual group. At the end of the evening, 10 individual tables often become just two or one and everyone celebrates together.

You can learn flamenco and other great dances here

But at some point even the best tapas bar closes and it goes to a bar or club. After a few hours in the tapas bar, you have probably met so many new people who are sure to be very knowledgeable 😉. So if they want to go to a club or recommend one to you, then check it out. As a rule, the clubs or bars cannot be compared with what we mean by a club. In the nightlife of Málaga, people dance to rhythmic music such as flamenco music or other danceable music. No techno or how I call it go-home-music you hear from the DJ. And the amazing thing about it, everyone, regardless of whether they are 18 or 80, can dance to it and really dances to it. I didn't see anyone standing in the corner. Everyone danced wildly together. The men asked different women to dance and each agreed to it. And those who did not ask women were asked by women. Can you imagine in Germany how every man goes to other women, asks them to dance with him and then they all seriously do this 😀? Not me!

Let's go to bed, or not?

Then you should definitely stroll through the alleys of the city center on the way home until you find one of those backyards like the one we had in front of our apartment. You can't really miss this, because even at six in the morning there are enough people romping around there to have a little nightcap or a last beer with you. Always follow the volume!

I can only say: Off to the nightlife of Malaga, to the largest social community in Spain 😉! I have rarely seen such a sociable and open people!

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