Which book should I read about geopolitics?



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Alexander Demandt: Limits. History and present

Propylaen Verlag, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783549074985, hardcover, 656 pages, 28.00 EUR
[…] Arbitrary boundaries or power boundaries that have been disputed for centuries such as the Franco-German - Demandts journey takes us from antiquity to the present, from philosophy to ...

Parag Khanna: Our Asian Future

Rowohlt Berlin Verlag, Berlin 2019
ISBN 9783737100021, hardcover, 496 pages, 24.00 EUR
[…] The 19th was the European, the 20th the American - and the 21st will be the Asian century. Asia today means: four and a half billion people, two thirds ...

Ivan Krastev: European twilight. An essay

Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin 2017
ISBN 9783518127124, paperback, 143 pages, 14.00 EUR
[…] Today we are experiencing an ideological change of tide: where a few years ago the majority of Europeans were optimistic about globalization, they perceive migration and ...