Have you found that chiropractors are beneficial?

Andrew McCracken Chiropractic

"Coming from beautiful New Zealand, I am inspired every day to bring families the best and most unique experience through chiropractic care."

Now daily at 'Kiwi Chiropractic'

"I was born and raised in New Zealand. When I was 15, chiropractic changed my life. It helped me recover and be an active, sporty and energetic young man again.


Today I am passionate about helping people of all ages reach their full potential. "

Andrew strives to provide the highest quality chiropractic service through very specific chiropractic while bringing a piece of New Zealand to Düsseldorf.

Corporations, parent groups, community organizations and schools invite Andrew to give educational entertainment talks on one of the most forgotten aspects of health - the mind-body connection.

In addition, Andrew - as a lecturer and mentor - helps Germany's next generation of chiropractors, the students of the Chiropractic Academy, so that the understanding of chiropractic in Germany continues to grow.

Our focus on your first visit is to sit down with you and listen. We work out your health goals together and plan how we can best help you to achieve them.

Adults, children and babies consult our practice to improve their health or a specific problem.

Our examination is different from the examinations you are familiar with so far. We look very carefully to see how your spine and nervous system interact and to find the cause of your problem.
In the second part of your "first visit" we will test your mobility, balance, coordination, posture, neurological and spinal function.

You are unique, so we are constantly adapting our approach to your specific situation. During your second visit, we will discuss the results of your examination. If appropriate, you will also receive your first adjustment.

In most cases, we recommend a series of adjustments followed by a re-examination to measure your improvements.

How do I know if NZ Style Chiropractic can help me and my family?

After the first comprehensive examination, we will know whether we can help you once we have determined the cause of your complaint.


If you or your child has a problem with your spine that affects your nervous system, New Zealand Chiropractic is perfect for you. In a situation where no problem is found, or when it is determined that you could benefit from a different type of healthcare provider, you will be referred to them.


Our goal is that you and your family get the service that suits you.

What problems can chiropractic help with?

I am not in pain, can I still benefit from chiropractic care?

This may sound surprising to you, but 80% of our practice members are regularly under chiropractic treatment, although they do not have a specific problem, but because they have discovered other benefits from regular treatment.


A structural imbalance in the spine can have noticeable, but also imperceptible, effects on the nervous system.


Effects that most people don't attribute to structural issues include:


Lack of energy, poor sleep (quality and / or quantity), difficulty concentrating, brain fog, slight shortness of breath, poor digestion, slight muscle weakness, hormonal imbalance, poor coordination and performance and even organ dysfunction.


The only way to know if your spine is affecting your nervous system is to test it - and that's exactly why we do a comprehensive exam first.