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vhs Regionalverband Saarbrücken - German Institute for ...

Program 1/2012

Start: 02/06/2012


Info under

0681 / 506-43 43 and

506-43 44

The new program 1/2012 is here

Dear reader,

Dear Reader,

Continuing education, be it For the profession or the

Free time is becoming more and more important. It works For everyone

from us about the technical progress

to be carried out at work and in society

and help to shape it. You have this

recognized and in this program booklet

you are sure to find the offer you are looking for.

But there are people too, often

Friends and acquaintances who worry less

about their personal development

do. Talk to them and advertise

you For Further education.

For low income people there

there is even an education bonus For professional

Further education. Up to 500 euros per year! For

all of them also have the option of

capital accumulation benefits For professional

Training Use and Training Loans

to claim something. To inform

On the internet at

www.weiterbildung.saarland.de or directly

at your community college Regional association


I wish you a good future ... with

Further education. Take advantage of the offers in

this program booklet.


Klaus Kessler

minister For education

vhs-Price puzzle

It is a tradition that we with our

Cover motifs on exciting cultural

Evidence of our home in the Saarland

and the neighboring Lorraine

want. Together with the specialist service

Regional development of the Regional associationit

Saarbrücken become the motives

or image details that you want to

guess, selected and after resolution

presented to the public at the award ceremony.

Also with your support

we want a building block with it For the

Awareness of our regional identity


That, too, stands against this background

Cover picture of our new vhsProgram.

The photo shows the interior

of a historic building.

You might guess which one

Building it is.

Write yours

Reply postcard to

Silvana Rigoni

vhsRegional associationSaarbrücken

Old Town Hall

At Schlossplatz 2

66119 Saarbrücken

or email at

[email protected]


is April 27, 2012.

The first three winners are waiting again

three passbooks worth 250, 150 and

100 euros that the Sparkasse Saarbrücken

kindly provides.

The solution to the price riddle from the

last semester:

The photo showed the Püttlinger Schlösschen.

Dear participant,

dear participant,

The new semester program is in front of you

the community college and expected it

You again have a varied repertoire

from a wide variety of specialist areas.

But it's not just about one

as wide a range as possible, but also around

a high quality of this offer.

The adult education center sees itself as communal

Service facility of the Regional associationit,

which the quality of their events

and their work For the citizens

and citizens permanently checked and

further developed. You, dear learners, are standing

in the center. Your satisfaction is ours

in our courses, lectures and courses

very important. That's why I'm happy

very that our community college was the first

Saarland Adult Education Center in the autumn of

certification after last year

the internationally recognized standard DIN EN

ISO 9001: 2008 as evidence For the introduction

a quality management system

Has. Thereby quality standards

are based and procedures are used,

which on a systematic and continuous

Improvement of the offer and the organization


We want and want satisfied customers

us that you will come to us again.

Therefore, every communication from you is also on

the adult education center - whether an optimization proposal,

Praise or criticism - a valuable one

Contribution to quality improvement.

I hope you enjoy your studies now

of the new program and I am happy

on your registration as well as on yours

Questions and suggestions.


Peter Gillo

Regional associationsdirector




Community College Regional associationSaarbrücken

Review 6

The vhs-Team 8

General terms and conditions 10

Event overview

Educational leave 13

Weekend courses 14

People and Society 18

German-French 20

History and Geography 22

Political youth education | Politics 25

Sustainability, environment 26

Pedagogy and Parent Education 29

Philosophy and Theology 29

academy For Older 31

deals For disabled people

Special programs


vhsFor Women and girls 38

Boy vhs / Courses For Children and adolescents 39

Culture and Art 40

Literature 42

Music, theater, film and media 43

Art history 47

Fine Arts 48

Handicrafts 54

Crafts and hobbies 55

Health 56

Health education: lectures, healing methods, environment, psychology / personality development 56

Meditation, stress management, relaxation methods, massage 60

Movement and body experience, outdoors, dancing 67

Nutritional advice and cooking 75

Wine and culture 77

Languages ​​80

English 83

French 90

Spanish 94

Italian 98

Other languages ​​101

German 128


Communication / Profession / Computer / Multimedia 104

Educational bonus, educational advice 106

Personal skills, Xpert personal business skills, work and everyday life 106

Advice and consumer protection, legal issues 109

Business, economics, commercial training / Xpert Business 112

Office and Secretariat, tactile letter 113

Computer science 114

Basic courses / Xpert computer pass 114

Windows Courses 114

Mac courses 115

IT courses For Older 115

Office, word processing, spreadsheet, databases 117

Networks / system administration 118

DTP, graphics, presentation 120

Video, digital photography, image processing 121

Internet, web design, CMS 124

Navigation / GPS 126

Boy vhs / Kids on vacation 126

German 128

European Framework of Reference (CEFR) 129

Integration courses 132 - 133

Exams (Goethe-Institute, telc, 'naturalization, TestdaF, DSH) 130 - 132

Courses German as a Foreign Language, German as a Second Language 134 - 136

Reading and writing, basic education, literacy 137

Summer courses 134-135

School leaving qualifications 138

Secondary school leaving certificate 138

Study trips and study trips 139

Branch offices and local adult education centers 144

Altenkessel 145

Halberg 146

Clarenthal 148

Dudweiler 149

Friedrichsthal 160

Heusweiler 162

Holland 167

Puttlingen 171

Riegelsberg 182




vhsRegional associationSaarbrücken


Learning Festival 2011

The adult education center and the

Education Management Unit

of Regional associationit

were with a common

Stand at the first Saarland

Learning festival on September 10th

in German-French

Garden represented. Under the


There was “I want to know”

different throughout the day

Hands-on activities. The

Education Management Unit

especially attracted female students

and students with the

Workshop "Understanding Education Creatively"

at. With a subsequent

Educational game and one

Educational quizzes could be attractive

Prizes to be won.

The hands-on activities of the

Community College For the visitors

and visitors to the

Learning festivals also took place

an interested audience. So

could you get a tai chi,

a chi-gong or a

Join a laughter yoga group,

his memory while brain-

Exercise walking or while

Aroma smells and rates

sharpen his sense of smell.

Many also dived, fascinated

into the foreign letters and

Sign world of russian,

chinese and japanese

Language and were able to do so

understand how to get yourself

feel in one of these countries

must, without e.g. any sign

to be able to read.

But it is also in Germany

don't take for granted that

Adults read or German

can write. One recently

published study shows

that about 7.5 million of the

Population in Germany

between 18 and 64 years

at most read single sentences

or can write, but

no contiguous

Texts. Converted to that

Saarland are round in this country

90,000 of this functional

Illiteracy affected.

With various awareness campaigns

made the

Adult education center at the learning festival

aware of the problem

and advertised among the visitors to the learning festival

thereFor, Affected

from their environment on the offer

"Read and write

learn "of literacy

center of vhs in the Saarbrücken

Downtown point.

vhsRegional associationSaarbrücken


"On-site learning" project


Peak of the LVO activities

in the past months

were undoubtedly the two

Specialized events “School

right in the middle - development of

local educational landscapes "

on the question of mutual integration

of school and the surrounding area

Social room on 25.

October as well as "Learning in time:

Get older well. All

are challenged and can

win ”on the topic

of age transitions in particular

from work to retirement

on November 22nd.

Both events in vhs-

Center on Schlossplatz

of more than 100 interested people

Attends participants,

who are very committed

in the respectively offered

Brought workshops.

In his key lecture too

"School in the middle ..." illuminated

Dr. Klaus Schorner

from the state cooperation office

School youth welfare in Potsdam

the challenges

and opportunities from local educational landscapes

in relation

on full-time education. six

Schools of Regional associationit

Saarbrücken showed with their own

Booths and presentations

as part of the workshops,

like your respective local

Shaping the educational landscape

and from embedding in

benefit from their social space.

Receives little attention

until now the future-oriented

Question how timely

getting older and old with

all of its transitions

midlife and each

person-related (biography-oriented)

well prepared and designed

can be - from the

and For the older ones

themselves as well as from others

and For Others at home,

at work, in healthcare,

in clubs, in politics


Especially four from the university,

the state working group

For Health promotion

(LAGS) and that of Pro

Volunteer moderated professionally

Forums on the four fields

Personal and social

Key competencies, health education, respect for social space

and volunteering

offered thematically

diverse information,

good practice examples, opportunities

for exchange and suggestions

to - at best

network-based - acting.

By professionals in different

Areas were this

impulses from the region

given: by employer and

Employee side e.g. on company volunteering

and working atmosphere

Educational institutions about too

Exercise and diet and

to resilience, from politics and

Administration e.g. for the prevention field

World of work, from the

Self-help, volunteer and

Community work e.g.

String group of the ERS Sonnenhügel, Völklingen

Prof. Dr. Nuissl v. Purely

to social responsibility and to

neighborhood-related age research.

The opening article “The Times

They Are A Changin ”by

Professor Dr. Nuissl v. Purely out

Duisburg, an impulse with playful

Elements of the

Specialist For Anti-discrimination

and diversity, the market

of learning opportunities with information material

of contributors

and mixed ages

musical contributions were

further components of the event.

More information on both

Events can be found

also on the homepage

http://www.rvsbr-bima.de im

Archive folder.

"STRENGTHS on site" -

vhs Commitment since

many years

Has been involved for three years

the vhsRegional associationSaarbrücken

as a project sponsor

the cooperation partner

School at Ludwigberg -SfL

(Special school learning with special educational support center

Saarbrücken) as part of

of the federal program “Strengths

on site "(SVO) For Adolescents,

which are in transition from

from school to training

or in the profession.

The 2011 project run “Media Qualification

and in-depth professional orientation

II “summarizes the

previous didactic and

curricular experiences of the

SVO predecessor projects 2009

(Professional pass For Adolescents) and

2010 (strengths of media literacy

of young people with

Learning difficulties) together.

In the first project in 2009

became with many students

through the competency accounting

"Profile pass" a personal one

Skills deficit in dealing

with common media


This fact was in the SVO

Project 2010 picked up and

Pupils accordingly from

one in media education

experienced lecturers of the vhs

informed. Lessons in

oriented to the project class

adhere to already existing ones

Curricula that are in a first

Step evaluated in class

and mostly modified


So that this effort

and experiences do not "fizzle out"

the cooperation partners decided

in the LVO

To join the project run 2011,

to put together a manual

For the media class too

develop. So the

School an effective, special

on the circumstances

Curriculum adapted to location For

the future sustainable

Design of the lesson

media literacy and

professional orientation For Teenagers

with learning difficulties.



The vhs-Team

vhs Office

Margit Ludwig



Fax 0681 / 506-4399

[email protected]

Martina Müller



[email protected]

Mailing address

vhsRegional association


Old Town Hall

At Schlossplatz 2

66119 Saarbrücken

vhsRegional association

Saarbrücken on the Internet:



G.Wöhe schools

vhs Stengelstrasse 10

Hereditary Prince Palace

Art palace

Contact person:


Wilfried Schmidt;

506-43 00

[email protected]

office vhs-Director,


Administrative tasks:

Silvana Rigoni;

Tel. 506-4301

[email protected]

The offices of the employees

and employees of the adult education center

of Regional associationit

Saarbrücken are located

old things in the buildings

Town Hall (Schlossplatz) and

InstituteFor Vocational education

(Talstrasse 8-10,

66119 Saarbrücken).

More details in the individual

Program areas.

Old Town Hall



For Vocational education

1. Human

and society


For the program area:

Wilfried Schmidt; 506-43 00

[email protected]

German-French program

Gerhard Rouget; 506-4335

[email protected]




506-43 11

[email protected]

Pedagogy / Parent Education:

Elisabeth Potyka;

506-43 23


Sandra Orzlowski;

506-43 11

[email protected]

Philosophy and Theology:

Heiner Zietz; 506-43 50

[email protected]


Elvira Fahrion; 506-43 80

[email protected]

academy For Elderly:

Elisabeth Potyka; 506-43 44

[email protected]


Martina Müller; 506-43 32

[email protected]

vhsFor Women:

Elisabeth Potyka;

506-43 23

[email protected]


Sandra Orzlowski;

506-43 11

[email protected]

2. Culture, art

and health

Responsible For the

Program area:

Wilfried Schmidt;

506-43 00

[email protected]


Heiner Zietz; 506-43 50


Elvira Fahrion; 506-43 80

[email protected]

Music / theater

Wilfried Schmidt; 506-43 00

[email protected]

Film / media

Gerhard Rouget; 506-4335

[email protected]


Sandra Orzlowski; 506-43 11

[email protected]

Art history /

Visual arts:

Jutta Zimmer;


[email protected]


Sandra Orzlowski;

506-43 11

[email protected]

Health education:

N.N .; 506-43 20


Crocetta Sajia

506-43 32

crocetta.sajia @ rvsbr.de

Wine seminars:

Gerhard Rouget;

506-43 35.

[email protected]

The vhs-Team

3. Foreign languages

Responsible For

the program area


Rita Rojan-


506-43 30

[email protected]

Vera Beiser-Kolb; 506-43 51

[email protected]

Dr. Horst Dörrenbächer;


[email protected]


Crocetta Sajia

506-43 32


@ rvsbr.de

Responsible For the

French program area,

Spanish, Italian and

other foreign languages:




[email protected]


Sandra Orzlowski;

506-43 11

[email protected]

4. Vocational education

Responsible For the

Program area:

Jan Schluckebier;

506-43 40

[email protected]


Further education / office technology:


Personal skills/

EDP ​​/ IT: word processing at tung

/ Spreadsheet /

Programming / Networks /

Internet / multimedia;

Technical IT; CAD; Technology:

Jan Schluckebier; 506-43 40

[email protected]

Ulrich Weis; 506-43 42

[email protected]

Jürgen Roland; 506-4346

[email protected]


Drago-Paul Barth; 506-4341

[email protected]

5. German

Responsible For the

Program area:

Heiner Zietz;

506-43 50

[email protected]

German as a foreign language:

Heiner Zietz; 506-43 50

Vera Beiser-Kolb; 506-43 51

[email protected]


Elisabeth Ebbert-Bach


[email protected]

Integration courses ARGE

Nadja Bernardini



Almuth Zender-Manns,


vhs[email protected]

Literacy /

Read and write:

Mechtild Müller-Benecke;

[email protected]

Bahnhofstrasse 47-49, 66111


Tel. And Fax 506-4338,


Elisabeth Ebbert-Bach


[email protected]

6. School leaving certificates and


Responsible For the

Program area:

Wilfried Schmidt; 506-4300

[email protected]

Secondary school leaving certificate:

Elisabeth Potyka; 506-43 23

[email protected]


Margit Ludwig, 506-4343

[email protected]

deals For Target groups:

Elisabeth Potyka; 506-43 23

[email protected]


Sandra Orzlowski; 506-43 11

[email protected]

7. Study trips


Sandra Orzlowski

506-43 11

[email protected]

8. Local

Adult education centers


Local leader:



Local director:

Delf Slotta


Local director:

Herbert Stock


Local director:

Michael Wagner


Local director:

Helmut Donnevert

Great Thrushes:

Local director:

Bernhard Degenhardt


Local director:

Anne Schäfer


Local director:

Mareke Neumann


Local director:

Michael Müller


Local director:

Hermann Muller


Local director:

Petra Mang

Overall coordination

local folk high schools

Elvira Fahrion;

506-43 80

[email protected]


Christian Daub

506-43 81

[email protected]

Administrative management

Petra Jakoby,


[email protected]

Financial accounting:

Anja Himbert, 506-4304

[email protected]

Myriam Frantz-Martini


[email protected]

Support of

Event organization

Ralf Baracz, 506-4308

[email protected]

Members of the

vhsAdvisory boards:

Manfred Boussonville, Josef

Feilen, Michael Gerke, Sigurd

Gilcher, Roland König, Fred

Kreutz, Norbert Moy, Manfred

Paschwitz, Renate Schiel-

Kallenbrunnen, Gertrud Schmidt,

Theo Schmitt, Dagmar Trenz,

Prof. Dr. Klaus Huckert

(University For Technology and

Economy), Barbara Renno

(Saarländischer Rundfunk),

Dr. Birgit Rossmanith

(University of Saarland



Terms of Service

vhsRegional associationSaarbrücken

Office of the

vhsRegional association


Old Town Hall

Room 3

At Schlossplatz 2

66119 Saarbrücken

opening hours

the office

The vhs-Business office is from

Monday to Friday non-stop

from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.


In the first week of the semester

(06.02. - 10.02.2012) have

we continuous opening times

from 8:30 a.m. to 6:15 p.m.

Thursdays (except

Holiday periods) we offer in this

Semester consultations and

Payments by 5:00 p.m.

Information and advice in

the vhs-Business office

Margit Ludwig

[email protected]

Martina Müller

[email protected]

Tel. 0681 / 506-4343

Tel. 0681 / 506-4344

Fax 0681 / 506-4399

Further contact persons

can be found with telephone number

and mail address in each



A registration to our

Courses must be in writing.

The following options

are open to you:

Personal registration

in the office in Saarbrücken

Registration by post

You can find registration postcards

at the end of the program

Fax registration

(only with direct debit

authorization) if possible

the fax form on page 12.

The following fax numbers are available

At your disposal:

0681 / 506-4399

0681 / 506-4390

For vocational training

0681 / 506-4398

Registration by email

stating your full

Postal address and your

Bank details.

You can find e-mail addresses

in the individual program -


Internet registration

(only with direct debit -


via our website



Please understand,

that we due to the high

Postage costs not to everyone

Course participant a confirmation of registration

can send.

Only if the course is already fully booked

is, an event

fails or anything

changes, we will contact you.

With your registration (also with

Entry in the participant list

in the course) comes a contract