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Fortnite - Battle Royale: New lightning fast mode brings more action

With patch 3.3 for "Fortnite", Epic Games is also bringing new skins for PvE and PvP mode!

An average round in the battle royale shooter "Fortnite" lasts between 20 to 30 minutes. Admittedly, many players usually give up the spoon in the first few seconds of a game. With the update to version 3.3, developer Epic Games is now introducing a new mode that allows players to meet more quickly. In "lightning fast mode" the maximum fight time is only 15 minutes! In this case, however, it is not the players' fault.
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Fortnite: a storm is brewing

There are three factors for the virtual demise in "Fortnite": enemy players, falls from deadly heights and of course the storm. And it is precisely this purple storm that is drawing in much faster, which creates extreme time pressure. This means that Epic Games also guarantees shorter rounds. The developers also made the following changes to the Battle Royale mode with Patch 3.3:

Weapons and objects

  • Supply Llama is now in play.
    • Is extremely rare (only 3 on the map per match).
    • Position is random.
    • Can be opened like a treasure chest.
      • Contains: 500 wood, stone and metal
      • 10 stacks of each type of ammunition
      • 3 traps and consumables
    • The remote ignition charge is now in play.
      • Frequency level: rare
      • Can be found in Supply Llamas, Treasure Chests, on the Ground, and in Supply Ships.
      • Found in stacks of 4 (maximum stacking: 10)
    • The smoke grenade has been removed from the game for the time being.
  • Bug fixes
    • The "hunting rifle without telescopic sight" is now simply called "hunting rifle".
    • Graphic effects now appear when projectiles from the hunting rifle hit the area.


  • Limited Time Mode: Lightning Fast
    * ATTENTION: This mode will be available from 19.03. be playable.
    • The storm takes less time in a flash, which leads to faster and more intense matches!
      • Matches last a maximum of 15 minutes.
    • By the time the match starts, the eye of the storm is already shrinking.
    • The availability of loot has been adjusted:
      • Chances of treasure chests spawning increased from 50–70% to 80–90%.
      • Chances of ammo boxes spawning increased from 65–80% to 85–95%.
      • Loot on the ground has a near 100% chance to spawn.
      • Time between supply deliveries reduced from 180 seconds (+/- 30 seconds) to 80 seconds (+/- 20 seconds).
      • Landing time of supply shipments decreased from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
      • Jump surfaces are much more likely to spawn.
    • Double the amount of resources is harvested.
    • Loot resources increased from 30 to 100.
  • Chest health increased from 200 to 500.
  • Ammo crate health increased from 120 to 250.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue that caused stairs to rotate unintentionally.
    • Fixed an issue where the collision with eliminated players would persist, making it difficult to pick up their dropped items.

user interface

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue with the News window as it would no longer appear after selecting Battle Royale.
    • Fixed the issue where characters would sometimes look the wrong way when looking at them outside of missions.

Graphics / animations

  • The circular graphic effect of bullets impacting has been updated to make it easier to see which direction the shot was coming from.


  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed the stuttering of gunshot noises that occurred when firing an automatic weapon with low ammo in the magazine.
    • Fixed an issue where gunshot noises and other sounds were louder than normal.


  • The effects of applying a shield have been updated to improve performance.