Sore muscles means building muscle

Sore muscles = muscle building? ┬╗Power & Fitness Center

Means Sore muscles equals muscle building? In our fitness studio in Regensburg, too, this is a question that we regularly ask.

In order to be able to answer the question, it is necessary to differentiate: on the one hand there is muscle building and on the other there is the process of muscle repair after damage.

Muscle building means increasing the protein content of a muscle fiber and is the result of resistance training. This is shown either by the increase in the diameter of the fiber or by the increase in the length of the muscle fiber. Excessive stress or unfamiliar activities lead to small microtraumas on the Z-disks of the muscles, which our body signals to us with sore muscles. These then have to be repaired. When repairing, it's important to know that muscle fibers can be damaged to varying degrees. Muscle damage occurs when the internal structures of the muscle fiber (weak damage) or the outer protective layer (severe damage) are damaged. In both cases, the muscle fiber needs to be repaired. If the internal structures are damaged, the broken parts of the existing structure are removed and replaced with new proteins. If the muscle fiber has been damaged too badly to be repaired, e.g. by tearing it in two, it can become necrotic. This means that a completely new replacement fiber has to grow. (Prevent sore muscles - is that possible?)

Do not harm the muscle!

The repair process after damage is relatively similar, regardless of how the tissue was damaged. When a muscle is damaged during exercise, mechanical tension has been applied to the respective muscle fibers. The transmission of the signal cascades via the mechanoreceptors leads to hypertrophy. As a result, both active and passive mechanical stress on the muscle fibers lead to muscle growth. In the event of a rupture or compression (e.g. sore muscles) of the muscles, there is no mechanical tension, which is why there is no hypertrophy, as no signal cascades are transmitted. As a result, compression models are used to study the hypertrophic effects of muscle damage.

Sore muscles are damaged areas of a muscle fiber that need to be repaired. It is a side effect that occurs when muscles are subjected to repeated muscle contractions (especially during new exercises or high-intensity workouts). However, muscle soreness can subside over time as an accumulated intermittent increase in myofibrillary protein synthesis. This means the controlled muscle building (with a sensible training plan) and the adaptation of the body to the stimulus. Diet also plays an important role in this (protein intake).

If you often have sore muscles and want to change something, make an appointment with us at the Power & Fitness Center and we will design a training plan for you and talk about your diet. We are glad to help you!