What is Mary Queen of Scots Legacy

Mary I of England: The Queen's Liquid Legacy

As the name suggests, Bloody Mary has something to do with women. The drink made from vodka, tomato juice and Tabasco, with which Ernest Hemingway is said to have cured his hangover in Paris, is attributed to various women by the name of Mary.

It is widely believed that a waitress in Chicago is said to have inspired bartender Fernand Petoit to create his creation in the 1920s. Others dig deeper historically and refer to Mary I of England, fourth ruler and first queen of the House of Tudor. In her case, “bloody” would not describe the wet dreams of male customers, but rather the blood that the hangman shed in Mary's name.

The daughter of Henry VIII of England, born on February 18, 1516, was not only a passionate Catholic who wanted to force her country back into the bosom of the Catholic Church by all means. She was also a devout woman who longed for a family and wanted to be loved by her subjects. She was betrothed, married to one of the most powerful men of her day, and the first Queen of England to rule in her own right. And yet she experienced exemplary the disappointments and humiliations that so many monarchs had to endure after her.

Maria's mother was Katharina von Aragon, the first of the six wives of Henry VIII. He is said to have been taken with his daughter and gave her a proper education. Her teacher was none other than the humanist Erasmus von Rotterdam. She was a beauty who could parley in Latin, French, and Italian.

But since Maria was not followed by the desired crown prince, the king had the marriage with Katharina annulled. Stepmothers came and went, some lost their heads. Angry at the Pope, who refused to give him further divorces, the king separated the Anglican Church from Rome. Maria became an unloved plaything of the parliamentary groups at court. She will hardly have found her survival between exile and the threat of death to be lucky. Instead, the experience of lovelessness has carved itself deeply into the princess.