Like boys, sweet girls

50 cute and delightful things boys do that girls love!

Have you ever wondered what girls find attractive about the things you do? Read this list of 50 cute and sexy things guys do, girls love and you will know!

There are so many things about guys that girls find cute. And sexy!

Have you ever seen your girlfriend staring at you with that mischievous twinkle in her eyes when you are busy doing something?

A guy doesn't have to do much to make his girl fall in love with him more.

Sometimes he just has to be himself! * as long as he's been a great friend! *

Things that girls love.

When a girl falls in love or has a crush on a man, every little quirk of him always makes him prettier and sexier.

When he does something for who he is, even silly things that make him look like an idiot, it makes a guy so much cuter and cuter.

More than anything, a girl needs to know that she is wanted and wanted in the relationship.

And there is nothing sexier than a guy who shows his heart and says things like 'I want you' and 'I need you' when they cuddle after work.

Do you still flirt with your girlfriend or wife even though it has been several years since the two of you were together? That’s definitely sexy!

Things girls love after falling in love with a guy

There are many strong traits about men who desire girls in a man before they fall in love with them. There is confidence, strength, self-esteem, a great sense of humor, and many other qualities a girl would want to see in a guy she is with.

But once the infatuation stops and the relationship goes into the deeper stages, it's the little details start to work its magic. It's the little things like covering her with a blanket when she falls asleep on the couch or tiptoe around the house so as not to wake her up when she sleeps and the magic lives in love.

50 cute and sexy things that will make the girl love it!

There are many things a man can do to recruit a girl, but there are many other things a girl could love about a boy, even if he is just himself. Sometimes it's the little things, like remembering to have dinner for them when he's dining with his own friends. And at other times, instead of arguing or walking away with her, she flatters her when she says, "I'm fine" ?? and of course it is not. Check out these 50 things guys do that girls find irresistible!

# 1 He protects his girl and makes sure that she feels safe around him.

# 2 He happens to congratulate her, even if she wasn't expecting a compliment.

# 3 It is very cute when he strokes her hair or lovingly places his hand on her arms while they sit next to each other.

# 4 He says cute things like, "I want to have kids that look just like you!"

# 5 When a girl watches her husband and talks to his girlfriends, he is acting rude and acting like a teenager.

# 6 He lifts really heavy things. * Furniture too! *

# 7 Lip syncing a song * when he broods like a donkey * or actually sings a song to his girlfriend.

# 8 He sends good morning and good night texts to his girlfriend.

# 9 He works with power tools and he looks so sexy!

# 10 A girl finds a guy irresistible when he smells good.

# 11 It's really cute when a guy embraces his girl's priority and helps her.

# 12 He acts like a clown or makes funny facial expressions and imitations.

# 13 He loves a challenge and tries to finish something for it even though he is bad or hates it.

# 14 He sweeps her off her feet, carries her to the bed and gently tosses her on the bed!

# 15 When he knows she * is a monster *, he avoids getting into his girl and treats her nicely.

# 16 He says "I love you" every day and he means it!

# 17 He hugs his girlfriend and talks to her when she is in his arms.

# 18 Girls love how dirty their man's mind gets.

# 19 He comes out of the blue just to surprise her.

# 20 He remembers all the little things about the relationship, like anniversaries, what the two of you did on a first date, and other little details, she assumes he's forgotten.

# 21 He hugs her from behind and doesn't whisper anything in her ears.

# 22 A great guy never misses the opportunity to show his girl how much he cares about her.

# 23 He constantly indulges in romantic gestures.

# 24 He tries tell her a lie and gets caught. It's cute how a lover can't even lie to his girlfriend convincingly.

# 25 He shows her his sensitive side, which is so dissimilar to him.

# 26 He falls asleep on her lap or on her chest.

# 27 It's very cute when a guy plays with his girl's fingers while holding her.

# 28 He kisses his girl on her forehead to show his affection.

# 29 It's sexy when a guy shows confidence or even overconfidence.

# 30 He does something thoughtful, although holding something in place or laying off his clothes while she is showering is an understatement.

# 31 A guy looks very sexy when he shows his authority and remains in control when talking to someone on the street or at work.

# 32 It's cute when a friend tries to cook for his girlfriend, especially when he can't cook.

# 33 He plays with animals and likes them.

# 34 He is calm and composed in most of the busy situations.

# 35 Sometimes he tries to show her off as a trophy woman because he's so proud of her.

# 36 He makes his girl feel loved and attractive all the time.

# 37 It's cute when the guy speaks straight out or even flirts and gets things done his own way.

# 38 He's an occasional rule breaker * not with the law! *. It's especially cute when he breaks a rule just for his girl!

# 39 He drives his car very fast every now and then. It's such a creepy and exhilarating rush on the girl!

# 40 A young post-workout sweat is really sexy and arousing!

# 41 It's cute when he asks his girl to play rough or take part in activities because he wants to bond with her and he thinks she is going to have a good time.

# 42 A boy who gets along with and can communicate with children is so cute!

# 43 He acts like a child when he plays with his toys.

# 44 He defends his girlfriend in an argument with someone else, even if she is wrong.

# 45 A guy looks sexy when he runs like an athlete. * even on the treadmill *

# 46 It's very cute when the guy tries to be embarrassed after a fight.

# 47 He dances stupidly like there's no tomorrow and no one is watching him. He especially does this when he's at home with his girl trying to impress her!

# 48 He involuntarily catches his girl's hand as he crosses the street.

# 49 It's very cute when a manly looking guy gets aroused over something and can't hold back his excitement.

# 50 He always brings surprise gifts. It could be a box of chocolates, tickets to a movie, flowers, even a very small heartfelt nothing.

Every girl has their own experiences and everyone has their own quirks. But all said and done, when a girl really loves a guy, everything around him feels cute, sweet, and sexy! * only as long as he is a good friend who loves and respects his girlfriend! *

And there are the 50 cute and sexy things guys do that girls love! How many of these things do you do for your girl? Or are there other things about you that your girl finds really lovable and attractive?