Why is Montreal colder than Toronto

Canada: "Personal cold record in Montréal"

I loved it: my black winter jacket with a hood and lots of pockets. She accompanied me for many cold months, participated in many everyday life and holidays. Among other things in Canada, where I flew to with a friend on New Year's Eve 2004.

The inside jacket pocket at chest height was particularly practical. Back then I was still on the move with a pen and ampoules, this inside pocket ensured that my insulin survived the extreme outside temperatures in the Canadian winter due to its proximity to body heat and did not freeze to death. I had also put the ampoules in an aluminum pouch.

The thermometer showed 15 degrees
under zero. Crazy.

I had never experienced this cold before. Would you like an example? In Montréal, we wanted to take our empty PET returnable bottles to the supermarket around the corner, so we went to the door and after just a few steps you could hear a clacking sound from the bottles: the remaining drinks had turned into small ice cubes within seconds. The thermometer showed minus 15 degrees. Crazy.

By the way, my personally most beautiful winter wonderland experience back then was our trip to Québec. Despite the many tourists. To break with the ship in the low sun over the Saint-Lawrence river through a sea of ​​ice sheets and - once on the shore - to rent sleds to go toboggan right in front of the famous Château Frontenac was simply great.

By the way: Canada's big cities such as Toronto are very insulin and frostbite-friendly. Because in winter a large part of life takes place there underground - in huge underground malls and tunnels to protect the inhabitants from the freezing cold. Like a second city. But as soon as we were back on the wintry surface, my hands stayed in the pockets of my beloved black jacket on our days in Canada. The right hand could always grab the inside pocket. Insulin still there? Check!


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