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Translation of "could not reach her" in Turkish

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I wanted to call you and talk about it again, but I did couldn't reach you.
Sizi aramak, bu konuda konuşmak istedim ama ulaşamadım.
She said Frank called her all morning and couldn't reach her.
I called mine that day couldn't reach her.
Couldn't reach her as she fell, past the man into the water below him.
I couldn't reach youthat's why I came here.
He couldn't reach youso he sent it to me.

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I could she by phone not reachso I went to her office.
I wanted to contact my supervisor in Russia, could she but not reach and probably never will.
The police could she this morning not reach, but she works in the pharmacy at Immaculate Heart.
Polis ona sabah ulaşamamış ama Immaculate Heart'taki eczanede çalışıyor.
she could him not reach and neither does his boss.
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