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We are digitizing the fitness industry.
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We build the digital infrastructure of the fitness industry. With the RSG Group (McFIT, John Reed, High5) we can count the largest European fitness chain among our customers. With clever fit, we also look after the franchise system with the largest number of locations in the premium discount area and with Bodystreet the largest franchise system and with terra sports the largest fitness chain in the EMS market. But our success story continues. We are also the digital backbone for the most innovative concepts in the industry and we are particularly proud that operators of several thousand individual studios consider us No. 1.

Why? Because we offer the best solutions for the biggest challenge in the industry:
To gain members in a digital world and to inspire them in the long term.

interested persons

Create and promote online lead campaigns

Recruiting interested parties and members is one of the most demanding challenges of our time. There are more and more providers, communication channels and thus opportunities for competition. That is why it is vital to operate meaningful and cost-effective online marketing today.
For this reason, each of our customers receives attractive landing pages that are linked to the Magicline and can be advertised via social networks and search engines. As a result, studios automatically receive more leads and digital contracts!

Digitally bookable trial training courses and online contracts

Interested parties primarily find out about products and service providers online. That is why an uncomplicated booking process for trial training courses and contracts is essential. Our landing pages help the leading fitness providers significantly in converting their prospects into long-term members - online, quickly and without cost-intensive sales expenses.

Seamless integration into lead management

Studio operators attach great importance to a low administrative burden. This is exactly what the Magicline takes on, as all leads flow together at a central point. The advantage: clear and easily controllable lead management.
Our modern cloud solution makes it possible to manage interested parties acquired online at any time and from anywhere and to contact them as quickly as possible in their decision-making phase. Studio operators thus achieve a higher graduation rate.


        Digital sales and self-service tools in the studio

        On the way from trial training to membership, it often fails because of the sales pitch. With the help of the sales tool integrated in the Magicline, it is possible for every studio employee to respond to the individual wishes of the interested party in just a few steps. Whether discounts, sauna or beverage packages - the tailor-made contract is put together with just a few clicks.

        Of course, studio operators and trainers are often too tied up in day-to-day events and therefore don't have time to take care of everyone who is interested. On the part of the trainees, there is in turn the need to maintain full control and transparency over contractual conditions. So that no potential members are lost, we offer special self-service tools that can be used intuitively by studio guests via tablet or smartphone and without any personnel costs.

        Flexible tariff structure in the Magicline

        Depending on the type and size of the studio, there are individual tariff requirements. With the help of the Magicline, studio operators can adjust their offer at any time and from anywhere and make changes across all studios with just one click. All tariff updates and price promotions are then automatically and directly transferred to all platforms connected to the Magicline.
        Thanks to our many years of intensive cooperation with small and large fitness providers, Magicline can now implement almost any tariff concept. It is not uncommon for us to work with our customers on new models and are always happy to receive new impulses and ideas.


        MySports: the free studio app for members

        Ordering a taxi, delivering food or the next available car sharing car, everything is just a single click away these days. So it is only logical that Magicline has also developed an app with MySports that gives each customer their own digital access to the gym. There are also many other advantages such as direct booking of courses, digital training plans or body check-ups. A utilization indicator is also integrated directly into the app, so that all members can see at any time when a particularly high rush can be expected in the studio.

        • Mobile access to the gym
        • Course schedule, appointment booking, video workout
        • Communication directly via push message
        • Occupancy display for each studio

        Digital training support

        Another component of a modern studio is our digital training support. This means that exercisers can easily find out about fitness equipment and the correct execution of exercises via smartphone and have these explained step by step. This not only increases the comfort for the members, but also reduces the risk of accidents.

        Technical interface (API) to Magicline

        Studio operators who want to design their website individually can also integrate our online booking system into their website with the help of an interface. In this way, in-house web developers and agencies can design our lead campaigns, trial trainings and online contracts individually and still link them to the Magicline system.

        MySports: more leads through company fitness

        Every Magicline customer automatically becomes a partner of MySports GmbH, which, like Magicline GmbH, belongs to the Sport Alliance group. MySports raises the area of ​​company fitness to a digital level: By using the Magicline as management software, every visit to the fitness studio can be verified and thus rewarded. This innovative concept enables employers to offer their employees performance-related health promotion for the first time.

        Every Magicline customer gets access to a much larger target group through the MySports company network and can finally reach people who have so far hardly had contact with fitness studios.

        • 45 million employees as potential members
        • Sports funding without aggregators
        • Fully automatic member recruitment

        Always stay connected - with the communication center

        The Magicline offers every customer versatile solutions to communicate with their studio members as well as interested parties. E-mails, letters, SMS, push or serial messages can thus be sent to individual people or entire groups without any problems. In order to keep the administrative effort as low as possible in this area as well, the Magicline has various message templates and also allows you to use your own e-mail templates.

        In addition, certain notification rules can also be set so that studio members are automatically contacted in the event of birthdays, appointment reminders and cancellations.

        Studio finances and payment methods at a glance

        In order to make the financial system as clear and uncomplicated as possible for our customers, all payment runs are recorded in detail in the Magicline. If you want to do without cash in the studio completely, you can use a virtual cash register with our software, with which protein shakes, snacks or other items can be sold.
        In the event of outstanding debts, our postable, multi-level dunning system helps. In order not to experience any nasty surprises during the tax audit, we offer a special tax advisor portal including DATEV export. So that the payment sector runs all by itself and studio owners can return to their main task: their members.


        Detailed studio analysis

        Magicline offers a detailed and visually appealing analysis area with the most important key figures so that studio owners can make strategically better business decisions. Operators can, for example, identify the catchment areas of their members on the basis of a map view, evaluate the age distribution by gender or examine the sales potential of individual products.
        From all these findings, new action measures can be derived that contribute to the success of the studio.

        Members inspire in a digital world

        In order to inspire members in the long term, studio operators have to meet a wide variety of needs: While some prefer home workouts or outdoor activities, others want to train at any time of the day or night. Many would like to watch a movie while doing sports or check their performance results online every day. No matter which requirement is to be met, Magicline, as a strongly networked software partner, offers the technical infrastructure. We cooperate with well-known manufacturers such as MATRIX, GANTNER, milon, EGYM, InBody and Tanita.

        get started now

        You are only one click away from getting started with the Magicline. With our free demo version you get a first insight into how our software works. But you can also contact one of our experienced customer advisors directly to clarify your questions in a personal conversation, without any obligation.

        Every day three new studios choose the Magicline

        More than 4,000 studios and 3,614,799 studio members have already chosen the Magicline. But we are far from the end of it, because every day three new studios decide to go their way with us - and successfully.

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