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Lucifer - explained from the yoga point of view

Lucifer from a yogic point of view

Lucifer is a figure from mythology that means different things in different contexts. Lucifer means first of all: light bearer, which is why Lucifer was the name of the morning star, namely Venus. So on the one hand, Lucifer is a morning star, so not a bad meaning at all. Lucifer later became synonymous with the devil in Christian usage. And how he did it is certainly an interesting mythological story. So Lucifer, among other things, Venus, the morning star. Lucifer was the son of Dawn Aurora. Lucifer is also sometimes seen as the fallen angel and prince of darkness. He brings the light and therefore he is also the one who opens your eyes.

In anthroposophy, Lucifer symbolizes the power of the moving and the dissolving. Lucifer is also referred to as the one who symbolizes the Iblis in the Koran and he is synonymous with the Iblis, as Rudolf Steiner says. And Lucifer is also sometimes equated with the snake, in the Bible and the snake leads people to eat from the tree of knowledge. Lucifer is sometimes depicted as a winged dragon. Also in the vision of Ezekiel in the Bible as a winged bull. In Roman mythology, Lucifer was the name for the morning star, for the planet Venus. Lucifer is also translated in Greek as Phosphorus - Bringer of Light and Eos Phorus - Bringer of the Dawn.

It also appears, for example, in Homer's Odyssey and thus Lucifer is also associated with Venus. Also in the Vulgate, a Christian text, the Christian Bible, Lucifer is initially taken to be the morning star and so there is no relationship with the devil. Only later, for example in the book of Isaiah, is Lucifer associated with a devilish force, but ultimately it was only through Origen that the morning star Eos Phorus Lucifer, light bearer, was associated with the devil and Satan.

In Christianity there was an angel teaching and so it is said that at first Lucifer was an angel who later fell and so in the Middle Ages Lucifer was associated with Satan and then became Satan and the devil. To this day, Lucifer is also equated as the one who has this ambiguity, he has something diabolical, but at the same time he also has something divine. It is sometimes said that Lucifer was thrown into Hell by the Archangel Gabriel. Okay, so much for Lucifer and may light be with us and may we not connect with the dark forces.

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