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Posted: 09/01/2005, 8:13 pm Love and sex education

Hello ,
I am Vietnamese, who was born in Germany and last year visited my parents' country for the first time. The people there are also very friendly. Only one thing confuses me a lot: If you tell the Vietnamese how old you are in Germany I asked a cousin if Vietnamese people actually kiss and she said with a smile on her face that it wasn't common in Vietnam. Is that even true? kiss, for fear that it would be considered a marriage proposal. Well, how is it? Are the kids only enlightened at the age of 15? How do you love as a standard Vietnamese? I can not imagine that before marriage only holding hands as a token of love got to.

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Well, if you want to be considered a good Vietnamese girl, maybe you shouldn't even mention such topics before getting married. But today it is also open to the young. Most of them know about it, but it is not customary to talk about it. And if you want to kiss a girl in the disco or anywhere else in Vietnam you have to expect that she will be shocked and then go away or give you one. Because the time during a vacation is usually too short, but that only applies to girls, what women want, well that's another matter. But another question, are you old enough to talk about it?

Ps: In the disco you can maybe kiss without being afraid because in the disco most of the people are "western" or "cave". If you don't know what "cave" means then ask your parents. They'll definitely enlighten you.

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it's funny to hear your story.

There are many opinions about this problem in Vietnam.
Some people (I'm one of them) think that sex education should only be had after marriage. Kissing is more open now (I don't know if I'm expressing it correctly ) but after a while you should do that (if you already know a lot about the other person and really love). But kissing in public places is not like that now ..... . The normal women in Vietnam need something safe before they can have any further relationship with the one.

But now there are also a lot of young people who think more simply about this relationship. Kissing, sexual relations .. etc. But it is not yet known in Vietnam and also not good.

If you live in Germany it is not a problem, but if you live in Vietnam you have to think about it.
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Yes, what was written here is right about Vietnamese love and marriage relationships. Only that in vietnam should the woman still be original before the marriage! It's true up to 80% because at the moment the tee-men are no longer as good as they used to be. What to visit my parents briefly in Vietnam, I am invited 3 times to the wedding. And it surprises me that 3 weddings that I attended, the bride's were all heavily pregnant .
Love in Vietnam is much different than here in Europe, you have to understand!
There are still original women / girls, but there are also 14 year old mother (still kid) just because she should show her boyfriend how much she loved him
There are also women / girls like those already written above: Call Girl or Cave !! Because it is the women who have sex worked!
The people in Vietnam don't like to kiss in public, but there are also many young couples who show more than just kissing in public, so you just have to drive past Ho Tay and then you could find out everything
It is important that the school, parents and teachers in Vietnam do not want to talk so openly about sex with teenagers. Most of the time, the woman / girl receives information about the `` bedroom '' from her mom shortly before her wedding - I personally don't think that's right
Sex topic is somehow still completely foreign and a reluctant topic for people in Vietnam - not like here in Europe: Open and take live
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A few words about that. My husband is originally from Vietnam and he has already told me a lot about the "love life" in his country. He's been in Germany for about 10 years now and I still don't get a kiss in public, even among friends he is still quite cautious about that. The Vietnamese don't think much of open love. Sexuality is bad, homosexuality is a criminal offense, as is prostitution. The women are not allowed to have sex before marriage, they are not even allowed to sleep with their boyfriend. The bed is only shared in marriage. Sad. And what if the beloved man dies. The woman does not like to be married again, but still happens. My husband once said to me. "In Vietnam, love is belonging", not like we have love lessons for two. No, if you honor and obey your man, that's the best he gives. I know for sure that even Vietnamese television and the Internet are sex-free. But for that the films are quite melodramatic. If that's true. I have no idea, but there will be something to it if Vietmanns take German women or similar.

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