How is life in Antananarivo Madagascar

Antananarivo, Madagascar's capital, the city of thousands

As the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo is a real collection of what the island can offer in terms of urban settings. As its name suggests, the “City of Thousands” preserves 1,000 treasures to be discovered. As a family, visit a "Rova", a palace of the royal era, or walk through the wildlife parks to discover the fauna and flora of all corners of the island. Alone or as a couple, go on a trekking tour to roam the 12 holy hills or go in search of Malagasy gastronomy in the restaurants of the high city. As soon as you understand it, Antananarivo has a stay full of surprises for the little ones as well as for the grown-ups.

The "City of Thousands"

Antananarivo, a multitude of treasures to discover

For everyone and for all tastes, the pursuits are plentiful in the capital of Madagascar and its surroundings. That you are more of a lover of historical culture, fauna and flora or even adventure, the capital of Madagascar will meet your expectations.
To know more about the culture and the Malagasy history, you will be able to explore the palaces of royalty or the historical areas, such as the high city or the market of the pavilions, which offers atypical architecture in abundance. At the side of an experienced guide, you will have the opportunity to quickly learn a lot about the Malagasy people and their history. The customs and traditions are particularly a sight that makes up the charm of the population, who will decorate their excursions with big smiles and greetings.

Fauna and flora enthusiasts will not be disappointed as the favorable areas are common in the heart of the city and its near outskirts. You will have the opportunity to discover the endemic animals in the Tsimbazaza zoo, in the private Lemur’s Park or in the area protected by Mandraka. Lemurs, multi-colored endemic birds or other unique frogs can be seen in Madagascar in these areas that you can visit alone or in groups, with a guide or as a free activity. The surroundings of the capital will also allow you to enjoy a variety of activities in the To be able to do outdoors: Descent in a canoe, horseback riding, climbing garden or a trekking tour in the mountains, there is a wide range of activities available to you, for all tastes.

In the footsteps of Malagasy history

The historical areas, spread in every corner of the capital, are places of preference to learn more about the Malagasy customs and traditions and to become familiar with the history of the capital. The opportunities are numerous: organize a trek to explore the 12 sacred hills, hire a guide to visit the Queen's Palace, or traverse the historic areas of Antananarivo such as Analakely and its Pavilion Market.

Imerintsiatosika Lemur’s Park

This zoo, which is located on the doorstep of the capital, was created in 2001 with the aim of democratizing the discovery of the different lemur species and, in the longer term, to reintegrate them into their natural environment.

You will be able to walk in a botanical park of 5 hectares, where you can admire 9 species of lemurs in complete freedom.

An excursion that is suitable for the whole family, even the little ones will be able to enjoy it in complete safety.

Tsimbazaza Park

Real green lung of the capital, it is only 15 minutes away from the city center. You are in a pleasant botanical garden where you immerse yourself, where numerous plant and animal species coexist. Nature lovers will appreciate the exotic and endemic numbers of the plants that sprinkle the park. But also the zoo, where you can see the great number of species, including the famous lemurs, but also endemic birds, snakes, chameleons, frogs ... ideal for a nature tour in the heart of the city!

A collection of activities

Antananarivo offers you a wide variety of activities that you can try out with your family, couple or friends, everyone will find happiness there. The touristic places on the outskirts of the capital offer you a panel of activities to do and discover, and the beauty of the area reveals a variety of landscapes and decorations, some even more splendid than the others.

The old village of Antongona

Antananarivo is surrounded by numerous ancient villages that take us back a few centuries ago. One of the most interesting is undoubtedly that of Antongona, which is on the doors of Imerintsiatosikas. Offering a rather rustic and unique landscape, you will be delighted by the tranquility that reigns in these places. In addition, since they are in an exceptional place, you will be able to admire the impregnable view of the rolling hills of Imerina.

Ivato's crocodile farm

Also called “Croc‘ Farm ”, the crocodile farm is only 15 kilometers from Antananarivo. This breeding farm deserves that you take a day for it, with family or friends, ideal for a change of air and watching the dangerous crocodiles of the Nile. But that doesn't mean all, you will also find numerous lemurs, fossa (Madagascar's only predators), snakes, boas and ostriches in an exotic setting where palm trees, lemon trees and orchids grow freely.