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When you hear Argentina, that is what you think first argentinian beef steak. But even if the steaks in Argentina are excellent, the country offers many more delicaciesthat you should try on your trip to Argentina.

Everyone has heard of Argentine steak, but the words Asado and Parrilla are new territory for every Argentina traveler. Asado is the name for a barbecue meal and steaks are not put in the pan or the oven here, but only on the grillwho has the name Parrilla. However, they are also called Grill restaurants simply Parrilla.

Find out more about Asados ​​here!

Empanadas are small crescent-shaped dumplings, with flesh, cheese or Stuffed vegetables are. The Argentine variant of empanadas is prepared in the oven. They are suitable as a snack in between or several as a complete meal.

In Argentina there are no limits to a tour of discovery to find the most unusual empanadas possible.

Ice cream is part of Argentine culture and there is numerous ice cream parlors throughout the country. Ice cream is not only sold for eating in the restaurant, but also in Liter containers to take home with you. It is worth trying as many different ice cream parlors as possible in Argentina.

The country's specialty is the "Super Dulce de Leche" ice cream.

The Italian immigrants brought their noodles with them to Argentina and today pasta is just as much a part of them as steak Argentine national dishes. There are numerous small shops fresh, handmade pasta to sell. The filled Sorrentinos and Ravioli with Salsa Mixto are particularly recommended.

The Argentine variant of the quiche are the tartas, which are available in different sizes and with a variety of fillings. Whether it Spinach, pumpkin or Swiss chard is, there are no limits to the variety in Argentina. Tartas can be bought as a snack in bakeries or as a lunch menu in restaurants.

The Argentine pizza culture cannot be compared to this, despite the country's Italian roots. It's hard to get good Italian pizza in Buenos Aires as many pizzerias use pre-baked bases. But there is a certain type of pizza in Argentina that you have to try: It's more like one Kind of deep dish pizza, the completely filled with cheese and has a few toasted onions on the top crust. For every cheese lover, this pizza will be a poem!

There are a variety of stews that are eaten in Argentina, especially in winter. The most famous are Locro, a corn-based vegetable stew with sausage and pieces of pork, Puchero, a vegetable and meat stew, and Guiso, a stew based on rice or pasta.

Locro is a typical dish that is eaten on many national holidays.

Real Argentine fast food is the Choripán, some kind of hot dog, but with one Argentinian sausage with the name Chorizo. You can get it on hand at stalls or in takeaways. A Choripán tastes best with a beer.

The Milanesas are one Kind of schnitzel, which is often in addition Baked with vegetables and cheese is. Milanesas are also often offered in a sandwich as a snack. It's not fancy food, but a meal that makes you feel full and happy.

In addition to coffee with milk, a merienda also includes a few facturas. Factura means one Variety of sweet particles. The most famous facturas are Medialunas, small croissoints coated with a layer of sugar syrup. Medialunas filled with dulce de leche are particularly recommended.

The flan is a Vanilla egg pudding with a layer of caramel on top, which is particularly popular as a dessert after an asado. The flan is eaten with dulce de leche and whipped cream. To get this combination you have to order a Flan Mixto.

A sweet temptation that you can't get rid of: Dulce de Leche. A Cream made from milk and sugar made, is eaten in Argentina for breakfast, for merienda in connection with facturas or simply with a spoon.

The Argentines love sweets. In addition to the facturas, the many bakeries also offer a variety of cakes. Especially those Chocotorta, a cake from a Dulce de leche cream between chocolate cookies in coffee should be tried once in Argentina.

The meal times are different in Argentina than in Germany. All Meals take place later and dinner usually starts at ten o'clock at night. So that there is no hole in the stomach between lunch at two o'clock and dinner at ten o'clock, one is made Snack called Merienda Taken at 5 p.m. A merienda often consists of a milk coffee with medialunas.

Every country has its special drinks and so is Argentina. This is a particularly important part of Argentine culture Mate tea drink, however, life in Argentina is also dated Wine, beer and Fernet Cola certainly.

The country in which the wine flows only so is Argentina with its well-known Mendoza wine regions and Salta. Probably the most famous vine is the Malbec, but Cabernet Sauvignon also thrives in the hot wine regions.

As a standard, the wines are stored between 6 and 24 months in wooden barrels made of oak, which give the wine a particularly fine taste. For around five to ten euros you can get high-class wines in Argentina.

In recent years Argentina has developed a beer culture with numerous small breweries established. So there is the beer of the large Quilmes brewery, but now you can also do that tasty Patagonia beer get across the country. In the towns and villages in Patagonia there are many microbreweries that invite you to beer tastings.

Argentinians drink their mate tea all day and sharing the mate is an important part of their culture. This is how the mate becomes traditional in a gourd cup infused and then through one special straw with filter drank. After a person has finished the tea, hot water is poured again on the mate tea (called yerba) and passed on to the next person.