Makes Zhihu money

I spent money to buy a few Zhihu lives and took notes.

I found that knowing about life is a good way to learn some conceptual, non-technical, and technical things. This is done primarily through the speaker's voice, supplemented by text, diagrams, and some connections to complete the speaker's knowledge dissemination. At the same time, participants can ask questions in real time during the live time and interact with the speaker. This form is more about giving people some directional clues and education (it may be related to the technical topics I'm attending) and helping participants come up with ideas for solving problems rather than actual problems to solve.

The live winnings depend on the level of the presenter. It is not only the presenter's professional ability, but also the presenter's expressive ability and preparation. Among the few live songs I've heard, I really admired You Yuxi's live film "Don't Blow, Don't Talk About the Front-End Framework". There are many directions, and each direction deserves further research. The logic is clear and organized, and after hearing it I just feel that the gap between people is sometimes too big to be imagined.

The first live is "How to become a programmer with an annual salary of 500,000" (please forgive my vulgarity)

I think this life can be rated three stars (out of five stars). There aren't a lot of dry goods around. It's more about increasing and increasing knowledge. Familiarize yourself with the form of Zhihu life.

(In fact, the rating of this live is not low)

The summary of this life is to work hard and keep moving. And the big BAT factory gave a lot ... some skill maps are still good.



Title: How to become a programmer with a 500,000 annual salary

Moderator: Royal Luo


Note the content:

Regardless of my work experience, my actual skills, or my junior engineer, I didn't run

Communication is not enough, I don't dare to take up the challenge, there is no influence, I think I should calm down and improve my skills before saying anything else


At this point, my route may be better suited to treading the path of technical experts, and I also hope to take the path of project management. Of course, being a senior engineer and improving my skills is a requirement.

Perhaps you really need to understand the system level

These two skill maps still feel a bit dated, e.g. B. Webpack, CSS-Gridding, Vue and other skills. However, they are still helpful for resume writing, and some basic skills need to be followed in order to learn them.