What is the most furious breed of cats

Sad breed of cats. The darkest cat in the world will be the advertising star. What is known about the Grumpy Cat breed?

The internet star, the darkest cat Tarde (translated as tartar sauce), has already earned $ 100 million for his beloved mistress, overtaking the famous Hollywood stars in income. For example, according to Forbes, Leonardo DiCaprio's income this year was only $ 37 million and Angelina Jolie's was about $ 18 million.

The legendary dark cat lives with her owner in the state of Arizona. Now he is a real star, a visitor to Hollywood parties, TV shows and exhibitions, and now there is a plan to make a movie with his participation.

grumpy cat

And everything began to be banally simple. The brother of the owner of the cat (or rather the cat, since Tardy is a girl) was impressed by the unusually sullen look on his face and, after taking a picture, posted it on his page on the social network. And then of course it started ... Currently, Tardy has an official Facebook page and over 300,000 admirers.

official page on Facebook

The cat inherited such a somber expression from nature that it was born with the wrong bite. This defect infuriated the cat's facial expression and brought massive popularity, and the cat's owner was relieved of work forever. "My phone just cut off, and people kept calling me with suggestions," recalls Tabata (the cat's owner) after his photo appeared on the Internet.

pretty Tardy

How are you? Grumpy cat (grumpy cat)? What is the secret of a mixed breed cat's popularity?

famous angry cat tarde

Grumpy Cat (translated as angry cat) is a sullen creature who not only managed to gain and maintain the popularity of an internet star, but also earned millions of dollars in income for its owner. But first things first. It should be said right away that this is not a cat, it is a cat :)

Congenital abnormalities

A kitten with a strange appearance was born far from us in 2012. Its feature:

  • lowered corners of the mouth, which gives the animal an offended look;
  • too short front legs;
  • hind legs crossed and set aside;
  • short tail;
  • googly eyes.

Clumsy construction resulted in poor coordination, fear of heights and an uncomfortable gait.

In addition, a relative of the future "star" was picked up on the street out of pity for her shabby and unhappy appearance. A noble deed became fateful for the mistress of an unborn angry cat, but more on that later.

The sick and half-dead cat recovered quickly and lambed quickly. Everyone in the litter was healthy except for two babies who were born with misshapen jaws and ill-shaped bodies.

What caused the abnormal development is not really known, but apparently no one set out to investigate the cause of the "malicious" pathology. Some experts believe that this is how cats manifest dwarf genes. Although this phenomenon is more like the closely related cross in the genus or malnutrition of a pregnant mother that resulted in a system failure.

In either case, the abnormality did not have a major impact on the cat's wellbeing or quality of life.

Life before the loveliest hour

The owner of the famous cat is a young mother from England, Tabata Bundesen, who barely got by and worked as a waitress in a bar. The birth of an angry kitten surprised and alarmed them. A visit to the veterinary clinic denied any suspicion of serious illness, and the pet continued its carefree existence.

Tardar sauce - so named after the famous tartar sauce. Why? Well, such an original association popped up in the mind of Tabata's youngest daughter when she first saw the baby.

Of course, at first no one believed that the cat was a real animal and not a talented fake. The subscribers demanded proof of the real existence of the "bad guy". The sensitive hostess posted a disproving video on YouTube. In just a few days, the video garnered several thousand views.

Star life

An event of this magnitude did not go unnoticed by the organizers. Proposals poured from all sides:

  • someone wanted Grumpy Cat to appear in a cat food commercial;
  • others invited a star to film;
  • still others asked to be allowed to use the picture of a cat for clothes and dishes.
  • the fourth writes a book about an angry cat and publishes it in millions of copies in different languages ​​of the world;
  • the coffee drink Gramp Cappuccino appears.

The owners themselves started a cat page on Facebook and created an entire website devoted to the sad pet in the hopes they won't forget about it. And they still remember him. In addition, the "angry" resource received the 2013 Webby Awards, the so-called Internet Oscar, which is given annually to the best web projects.

Grumpy Cat is by far the most famous cat in the world, but not the richest. His income is of course stable. According to experts, his income can reach around $ 42,000 a year. This is exactly the amount the cat, nicknamed Tartar Sauce, could earn by making views of the YouTube channel, souvenirs with his photo, a book, filming for Friskies and on the set of the comedy "The Worst Christmas" the grumpy cat ".
And what is the secret of popularity and love for this cat? Short legs, a wrong bite and, as a result, an unsatisfied grin did their job.

The story of this angry but already world famous cat officially began on September 22, 2012, when photos of a cat with an extraordinary appearance were first published on the network. The cat's muzzle expresses great dissatisfaction: the corners of the mouth are lowered, which, combined with its tired appearance, gives the cat an expression of complete disappointment and dissatisfaction with its life.
Initially, in their comments, internet users insisted that these photos were solely the result of Photoshop. However, all suspicions disappeared when the owners published full-fledged video recordings on the worldwide network. The cat was instantly dubbed the Grumpy Cat, which means grumpy cat, and at lightning speed, the cat became one of the most popular internet memes.
By the way, the real name of the cat sauce is similar to tartar (abbreviated tarde) in accordance with the English word "brake" or "inhibited".

Grumpy Cat, or as it is called "Grumpy Cat", celebrated its first birthday on April 5th.
In the photos published on the Internet, an angry cat in a party hat is sitting in front of a cake on which he is depicted, but still looks angry.

Grumpy Cat became the main character in the film "The Worst Christmas of the Grumpy Cat". The trailer for the film received over a million views in just a few days.
The film is about a twelve year old girl Christie who dreams of a real girlfriend. She made this wish for Christmas. And then by chance she runs into an angry cat in a pet store who doesn't attract anyone's attention. The most interesting thing is that suddenly Christie hears and communicates with all of the cat's thoughts.

Grumpy Cat toured Australia's Morning Television Show. Interviewed on Channel Nine.
For more than a minute, the presenter tried to find out from the cat how she feels on Mondays, whether she likes attending such shows, giving interviews and how she relates to the Australian Prime Minister. Of course, the host's questions went unanswered. The cat was silent and just looked closely at the moderator. This went on until the moderator couldn't stand it and laughed out loud ...

Grumpy cat. The furthest cat in the world. "This is a book that was published this year and is available in many stores around the world. This book has gathered the best demotivators with the image of Grumpy Cat. Perhaps such images will help someone develop their own darkness or anger." ... BUT !!! Of course, this book will first and foremost cheer up every reader remarkably.

Grumpy Cat - Internet Star

last days. On September 22nd, 2012, user Kataliadis posted a photo of his cat on the popular Reddit blog, which has an extraordinary appearance. This phenomenon immediately brought the animal to the top of popularity on the Internet.

Where did the nickname Angry come from?

Initially, users had reasonable doubts: isn't it Photoshop? Then the owner posted the video on YouTube. The expression on the cat's face is like it is always dissatisfied or angry with something. The cat was nicknamed the Grumpy Cat - an angry (or angry) cat and immediately became a hero of all kinds of memes and demotivators. In Runet, he became famous as the most annoyed cat, saddest cat, and even the darkest cat. The grumpy cat even overshadowed the popularity of the previous star - the cat Lil Bab, who also has an extremely amazing appearance.

A genetic disorder?

In fact, the grumpy cat Tarde is a nine month old cat named Tardar Sauce, or Tarde for short. The cat is a carrier of a genetic disorder. Its owners believe that it is dwarfism that is responsible for such an unusual uncomfortable appearance in the cat. Tarde's parents are normal cats, inconspicuous domus, but two kittens with strange disabilities were found in their litter. Although Tarde outwardly resembles a cat of the sacred Burma breed and her legs are short, like those of Munchkins, her brother's appearance is completely unbred.

Sad cat blog

Now the sad cat Tarde has started his blog, although there is not a lot of material there yet. The owners say they love their strange cats very much. Nevertheless, T-shirts with the image of the "angry cat" are already on sale. This is their kind of romance in the bourgeois west - love with love, and grandmothers have to be forged while it's hot.


Grumpy Cat - Grumpy Cat... It was this nickname that the pussy got and the unfortunate expression of the snout. The animal also has a real nickname given by loving owners - tardar sauce or homemade tard (English tardar sauce). As a child, the kitten had a coat with dark spots, which reminded the owner's daughter of the resemblance to the tartar sauce. You made a mistake in the name but did not correct anything.

Grumpy Cat's interesting demeanor aroused great curiosity after the brother of the owner of Tabata Bundesen decided to surprise the world with a photo of Tardar. He posted the photo on Reddit in September 2012, and the public immediately showed interest in the animal's angry appearance. The hostess believes that the angry face is the result of innate dwarfism and fallacy.

By the way, many thought the first photo was a fake - how could a cat be so dissatisfied with life? But the fluffy frown fell into the ranks of your favorite memes: many have found use for such a somber expression on a cat's face.

Grumpy Cat grew in popularity on the Internet, and the media vied with each other to disseminate information about the angry cat in newspapers and magazines. Soon the photo of Tardar appeared in household items: magazines, mugs, mugs, calendars and other goods with this particular pussy were especially in demand.

It turns out that congenital defects have become a feature of a strange cat, its peculiar feature. After the first photo was published, the owners posted a video on Youtube of a pet with a somber appearance to dispel the public's doubts. Gradually, new videos not only debunked the myth of Photoshop, but also made the cat world famous.

What is a grumpy cat?

What is known about Grumpy Cat A kitten with an unusual appearance was born in 2012, and the entire internet mourned the cat in 2013. It is good that it was just a cruel invention - the gloomy pussy is alive and pleasing the owners with her wonderful character.

Tabata found a pregnant cat just before giving birth and brought her into the house. There were several kittens in the first litter, one of which turned out to be unusual. The kitten, named Poki, looked like a munchkin and a Burmese cat at the same time, but was the usual black and white color. The second litter showed another non-standard baby that Tabata Crystal's daughter immediately liked. The owners of Tarde assure that the parents did not have breed standards, but still outwardly the grumpy cat repeats the color of the Snow Shou breed, the length of the Munchkin paws and the Burmese fluffiness.

The owners, who left both the first and second kittens, turned out to be caring: they drew attention to the peculiarities of a small angry cat and showed them to the vet. After investigation, it turned out that the gene for dwarfism, which manifested itself in Grumpy, does not particularly affect the life of the animal, although a certain awkwardness and sluggishness of movements can be seen: a problem arises when the hind legs are in a wrong position Angles are in relation to the body. In addition, the front legs are significantly shorter than the rear legs. A small cat is only afraid of heights. The movements of the general favorite do not differ in speed, on the contrary, the kitten moves a little more slowly.

The upturned corners of the muzzle are responsible for the angry expression in Tarde. This pathology not only does not harm the Bundesen family's pet, but also led the cat to success. The animal does not have any feline depression at all - the loving and sociable pussy feels great, and the owners love it very much.

Regarding genetic defects, the owners concluded that it was the mother: the fathers of Pokey and Grumpy Cat are different. The sex of the kittens was also irrelevant, Poki is a boy and Tardar is a girl.

But the scowl gave Tardar a middle name and fame. Don't think so angry cat Offended by the whole world - there are a lot of videos in which it can be seen that the master's favorite has a cheerful, playful attitude.

Unusual siblings still live with their children in the family of single mother Tabata. We're not talking about selling a gloomy pussy - this is a family heirloom and just a beloved cat.

On May 14, 2019, at the age of 7, Grumpy Cat died, but she will stay in our hearts forever.

The history of the popularity of Grumpy Cat

The cat's displeased face glorified her and made her an internet star. The pet owner was able to quit her job as a waitress and started making good money from the pet's popularity.

As Tardar grew in popularity, a Facebook page had to be created for her, and in 2013 the pussy won the Webby Award in the Meme of the Year category.

In early 2013, two videos were created to promote cat food, starring the famous Tardar. Then there was an offer from Broken Road to make a full-length film with the dark celebrity. It is supposed to replicate the success of the film "Garfield".

Surprisingly, the book "Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book" was soon published. She quickly found her readers.

The resourceful owners filed for a patent and trademark, and even won a major lawsuit over the unauthorized use of their pet's image. In addition to the Grumppuccino coffee drink, Grenade Beverage used a cat image on a range of t-shirts and a blend of roasted coffee beans.

In 2014, the celebrity became popular on the social network Vkontakte and Instagram. The gloomy funny cat has more than 2.4 million subscribers, several dozen and sometimes hundreds of thousands of people who browse and like the pages of fluffy darkness every day!

Happy owners earned about $ 100 million in popularity, so despite the pet's somber appearance, the owners cannot be called somber.

Photo with grumpy cat