Why do you wake up sad every day

Hello grandma, I am so sad and alone

Oh, it's all difficult and sad right now. I was really looking forward to spring, to being outside for a long time, playing with my friends, my children's birthday party. And now none of this is possible because of Corona. Mum is usually at home, but has a lot to do and often seems annoyed. I can't go to papa right now. I feel so alone. I would like to go to Grandma's, but neither am I allowed to. I often lie in bed and am sad ...

First of all: It's not just you at the moment. Many children are also very sad at the moment and feel alone. Because of Corona, you are currently not allowed to do many things that you enjoy. That is difficult too! It's good that you discovered this page and are looking for help!

By the way: Everyone can be sad at one point or another. Crying for a short time is often good too - do you know that too? It is best if someone is with you to hug you and comfort you. However, if you notice that the sadness is getting too big and you cry for a long time without anyone comforting you, then try to do something about it. Here are 10 tips. Probably not all of them will help you. Find the ones that suit you!

Here are 10 suggestions for you to do something about your sadness

The first three tips are about contacts with other people

  1. Even if it is of course difficult at the moment and you may not feel like it at all: Try yours best friends to get in touch. Luckily, you can make phone calls, chat or skype. Ask how your girls or buddies are doing and tell a little about yourself. Maybe the others are also feeling sad right now? Then help once: GPartial suffering is half suffering. In addition: You may find this old-fashioned, but letters and cards from you can also surprise and delight your friends or grandparents!
  2. You can also phone, chat or skype with other people you love or who are important to you. Your grandma or grandpa will surely be really happy to talk to you or even see you on video!
  3. Also try to tell your family at home how you are. Talking about sadness often makes it smaller and more bearable.

Now we come to activities. Because hobbies help against sadness: what did you like to do before Corona? Then think about what of it you can do now. Here are suggestions, there is sure to be something for you:

  1. Sports: Movement helps against sadness. Even research shows that. Try to move, like to dance too. Sport is also possible at home - if your home is small, run on the spot, push-ups, squats and jumping jacks always work; maybe you will find someone who will take part and start a competition with you. There are also good apps that will motivate you. And an endurance run outside in the spring sun is still allowed!
  2. Read: If you can already read, go ahead: grab your favorite books. Make yourself comfortable and read them all again. Our favorite books are often like best friends. Or are there books that you haven't read yet? Otherwise, ask your parents: at the moment you can easily read books on the Internet. Ordering or borrowing is of course also possible - see if your local city library offers this! If reading is not your thing, maybe it is radio plays or audio books ?! Or you can become a writer yourself and write your own stories or poems - these are certainly the best anyway!
  3. To paint: Painting or drawing are also very cool ways to get creative and active. Maybe it helps to paint your sadness but also your hope, like Merle (12 years) painted the picture next door for our earth. Maybe you can already crochet or knit? Then knit grandma a blanket, socks or something similar. Or do you like to do handicrafts? Maybe there is something from art class at school that you enjoyed and that you can now do completely stress-free at home.
  4. Music: Do you know that music can comfort you? Try it out: listen to your favorite music when you are sad. Or go looking for new songs, bands, singers or classical music. For example, Spotify makes it possible. Of course, it is also great if you sing or play an instrument yourself. Now do you have time not only to practice tired after school and homework, but maybe right after getting up?
  5. Films, series and gaming: Watching your favorite movies and series on TV or the internet may help too. But don't overdo it, because passive watching is often not very good at keeping the sadness away. This is exactly the same for gambling - if you did this a lot before Corona, then try to gamble less now and consciously only do this for a certain period of time.
  6. Play: Take a look through your toys (including those in the basement or in the attic). Maybe you discover games that you haven't played with in a long time? Perhaps your mother, father or siblings would also like to play with you? It's often more fun together. Classics like 'Mensch ärgere dich nicht' or card games like Uno are ideal for a cozy evening. Or do you all want to learn a new game? Or, like children in the past, play without toys: building stalls, playing hide-and-seek, city, country, river, etc. can often drive away sadness. There are no limits to creative play!

And finally: try to do yourself a lot of good. That also includes

  1. Eat: Eating healthily and regularly is worth its weight in gold! So try not to get yourself through the day only with chips, chocolate and fast food. Maybe you always like to cook or now you would like to help your mother or father with cooking? Think about a menu. Baking the family's favorite pizza together can be really fun for everyone.
  2. Sleep: A good and regular sleep also helps against sadness. Because you don't have to go to school, you may be able to sleep longer now and then go to bed late. Maybe you can't sleep well because of the sadness or you wake up at night or early in the morning? Try to move around a lot during the day so that you are tired in the evening. Before you go to sleep, you should do something particularly nice and calming (like reading your favorite book or listening to your favorite audio book) and then go to bed at the same time as usual.
  3. Nice time with other people at home: Even if your parents or the people who live with you are very stressed at the moment, ask them to do something nice with you at least once a day that is good for both of you. Be creative: You have just read a lot of ideas!

After all, you should know: one day you will be able to see your friends and your grandma / grandpa again! Imagine exactly how it will be: where will it be? What will you do? Will the sun shine? How are you going then? Do you have to smile? These thoughts also help against your sadness!

If you notice that none of this is helping you and you are only getting sadder and also no longer feel like living, then seek more help. There are people who professionally take care of the worries and needs of children. There are helpful telephone numbers for this, which you can also find here on this website.


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