What were Steve Job's last words

The last words from Steve Jobs

Today I found the following on the Internet by chance: the last words of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. They moved me a lot and touched my heart. You should really look at Jobs’s life balance, because nobody can find better formulations than him.

Here is the free translation of Steve Jobs's last words:
“I have reached the pinnacle of success in the business world.
In the eyes of the people, my life is seen as a single success story. But apart from my work, I have experienced little joy in my life. Ultimately, my wealth is just one factor in life that I've gotten used to. In that moment, as I lie in a sick bed and look back on my life so far, I understand that all the recognition and wealth that I was so proud of have lost value in the face of my impending death. In the dark, when I watch the green lights on the life support machines and listen to the mechanical hum of these machines, I feel the breath of death coming closer and closer.
Now I know that we have to ask ourselves completely different questions in life, questions that have nothing to do with wealth ...
There has to be something else that turns out to be much more important in life for us: it may be an interpersonal relationship, it may be art, it may be our childhood dreams ...
The constant pursuit of wealth turns a person into a puppet, which has happened to me too. God has endowed us with qualities such as feelings for life so that we can plant a feeling of love in every heart. We must not be under any illusions about wealth.
I cannot take with me now the wealth that I have amassed in the course of my life. What I can take with me, however, are memories that are based on love and were created with love. This is the true wealth that must always follow you, must accompany you, which gives you strength and light so that you can go on. Love can wander and travel wherever it wants. Because just like life, love knows no boundaries.
Go where you want to go. Create the high points in your life that you want to create. All the power for this lies in your hearts and in your hands. "Which bed is considered the richest bed in the world?" - "It is a sick person's bed." ...
You may be able to afford a chauffeur who will drive the car for you. Or you can afford employees who will make the money for you. But nobody will be able to endure all your illnesses for you. You have to do this all by yourself. Material values ​​and things that we once lost can be found again. But there is one thing, if this is lost, it cannot be found again - and that is LIFE.
When a person is faced with a serious operation, they suddenly realize that there is still a book that they have not finished reading - and that is "The Book About Healthy Living".
It is not important in which stage of life we ​​are at the moment. Each of us will sooner or later get to where the curtain will fall for us.
Your wealth - that is the love for your family, that is the love for your wife and for your husband, that is the love for your neighbors.
Take care of yourself and take care of the others. "
Source: Facebook
Dr. Akuma Saningong
Keynote speaker and speaker