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The best ICT employers

There are now quite a few employer seals, but applicants usually do not understand their significance at first glance. The companies taking part in the Great Place to Work competition had the courage to have their HR work assessed anonymously by their employees. Two thirds of the results of this survey determine whether a company makes it into the ranking of the best employers. The remaining third is based on the culture audit, in which experts from Great Place to Work assess the personnel measures submitted by the companies.

This year 163 companies with a total of almost 40,000 employees took on the competition. Yesterday, 76 companies were named the best ICT employer in five size classes - in times of restrictions in the fight against the corona epidemic, of course, in a virtual event format.

This time, not only company or HR managers, but also the employees distributed in the home office were able to see on the screen how their employer performed.

Strong community and plenty of scope to develop potential

Sebastian Diefenbach, project manager of the competition, gave the participating companies an excellent report in advance: The ICT industry faces high demands from the applicants, which is why it is "a pioneer when it comes to successfully designing and recruiting personnel work to create an attractive working environment ". ITK companies also performed above average in the cross-sector competition "Germany's best employer", which was selected in Berlin at the end of February.

What do the interviewed employees associate with a good employer? "In the eyes of the employees, the most important thing for a positive work experience is to work in a strong community, but at the same time to have a lot of leeway for different personalities and competencies. Here, community is also to be understood as meaning that everyone, regardless of their position, has their potential can unfold "says Sebastian Diefenbach.

This is how the winners organize their training

Against this background, further training remains an important part of successful HR work. The best employers invest a lot here, an average of 52 hours per year and employee. For comparison: According to the vocational training report of the Federal Ministry of Education, the average in Germany is 30 hours.

Smaller IT companies are also involved: In the system house Eric Sterck, winner of the size class for companies with fewer than 50 employees, there is deliberately no fixed education budget, as the right measure is sought together with each employee. In the sitegeist agency, winner in the 50 to 100 employee category, a colleague explains applications and projects to the trainees every Friday.

Salesforce, the winner in the size class of companies with 501 to 1000 employees, for example, relies on a free learning platform that can be accessed at any time. Joachim Schreiner, Head of Salesforce Germany: "Everyone learns at their own pace. The learning units can be interrupted and continued at any time. Real competitions take place in our teams to find out who earns the most degrees in a short period of time - just for the fun of learning."

Winner Adesso: Home office works thanks to IT infrastructure and trust

How crucial a good work culture is is particularly evident in times of crisis. Since the corona epidemic has spread rapidly in Germany, more and more companies have been sending their knowledge workers to the home office to protect their health. So does Adesso. The IT service provider with headquarters in Dortmund employs 4,000 people worldwide, 2,700 of them in Germany.

Adesso HR Manager Kristina Gerwert was delighted with first place in Great Place to Work in the ITK (size class over 1000 employees), as was the relief that the work also worked remotely and distributed: "The cooperation works thanks to a reliable IT -Infrastructure and state-of-the-art collaboration tools run smoothly. " However, the corporate culture is no less important, Gerwert continues: "Especially when - as is currently the case - direct, personal contact is no longer available, people have to trust and be able to rely on one another. That works well for us."

Winner QAware: Caring for employees and IT specialists against Corona

The Munich IT project house QAware, winner in the size class 101 to 500 employees, sent all 150 employees to the home office over a week ago. CEO Christian Kamm and his management team have been dealing with the Corona Virus every day since the end of February, set the course for distributed work early on and continuously support employees in the unfamiliar, isolated work situation. In chats, they share their knowledge about distributed work or home office with children. "A specialist in occupational medicine advises on Covid-19 by phone, a psychologist and a business coach provide advice and coaching by video conference in difficult situations," adds Kamm.

A care for employees, which at the same time goes hand in hand with a lot of freedom. In the Great Place to Work competition, for example, QAware scored points with the QAlabs. Anyone can spend up to ten working days a year on innovative projects. At the weekend, a team of 12 took part in the wir-vs-virus hackathon and developed software that easily brings local shops together with customers via video telephony.

Low turnover rate among the best ICT employers

The winners of the Great Place to Work competition are not only rewarded with the employer seal, but also with an above-average level of loyalty from their employees: the 76 companies that will be recognized as the best employer in ICT in 2020 have a fluctuation rate of seven Percent. An important indicator for successful HR work, and at the same time a low value when you consider that almost half of their employees are under 35 years of age and are generally willing to change because of this. In addition, most of the competitors in IT services are struggling with fluctuation rates that are twice as high or even higher.

  1. Award-winning employers in ITK
    Since 2012, "Great Place to Work" has been determining the best ICT employers in cooperation with Bitkom and COMPUTERWOCHE. COMPUTERWOCHE portrays the best employers in the special issue "The best employers in ITK 2020".
  2. adesso
    Thanks to the adesso ideas competition for your own start-up: In the size class of over 1000 employees, adesso took first place this year among the best employers in ICT.
  3. Adobe Germany
    Adobe and its employees support charitable organizations: Adobe ranks 2nd in the 101-500 employee size class.
  4. Accso
    Employees determine the new office: The company was awarded fifth place in the 101-500 employee size class.
  5. ATIX
    The joint cooking day strengthens the team: Atix is ​​one of the top 20 best employers in the size class under 50 employees.
  6. b.telligent
    Sabbaticals and parent-child offices promote the work-life balance: in 2020, b.telligent will be one of Germany's best employers in the 101-500 size class.
    Team building under the southern sun: COMPIRICUS is one of the top 20 best employers in the size class under 50 employees.
  8. ConVista
    Childcare for employees in the office: In 2020, ConVista will again be among the top 20 best employers in the 101-500 size class.
  9. Erik Sterck GmbH
    Employees are present at the job interview: Erik Sterck GmbH takes first place in the size class under 50 employees.
  10. Evora IT
    5000 € training budget per year: Evora IT is one of the top 10 best German employers in the size class under 50 employees.
    Popcorn and fun puzzles liven up every meeting: In the general ranking of the best employers in Germany, FLOCERT is recognized as one of the best employers in the 101-500 size class.
  12. GAMBIT
    Yoga and stargazing on GAMBIT Island: GAMBIT takes sixth place in the size class 50-100 employees.
  13. GWS - Gesellschaft für Warenwirtschafts-Systeme mbH
    Stay fit together with GWS sports courses: GWS is one of the top 30 best employers in Germany in the size class 101-500 employees.
    Gliding, playing paintball and having a barbecue together: INFORMATION WORKS is one of the top 30 best employers in 2020 in the size class under 50 employees.
  15. Inxmail
    Organic fruit and company bikes for health: Inxmail is one of Germany's top 30 best employers in the 101-500 size class.
  16. iteratec
    Arrange for lunch with your own app: iteratec takes 6th place in the size class 101-500 employees.
  17. MaibornWolff
    An employee parliament helps determine the company's development: In the size class 101-500 employees, MaibornWolff was awarded second place.
    Welcome packages are waiting for the new employees: In 2020 Modelyzr will again be among the top 20 best employers in the size class under 50 employees.
  19. msg
    Managers answer questions in the partner café: msg takes third place in the size class over 1000 employees.
  20. NetCologne
    A family service supports employees in all situations: Great Place to Work awards the company 4th place in the size class 501-1000 employees.
    Examine technology trends in innovation labs: In the size category 50-100 employees, ORAYLIS again ranks second among the best employers.
  22. Novatec Consulting
    School sponsorships and programming groups: In 2020 Novatec Consulting will be one of Germany's top 20 best employers in the 101 to 500 size class.