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The truth: shy and divergent

A harmless wine from the Palatinate. But behind the white wine there is a story that goes deep into the Nazi era.

The winegrower from the Palatinate tours every year in spring and autumn through the north German lowlands. I usually order twelve bottles of Scheurebe from him, "fine dry", not "dry". But as if I had suspected it, I let it go now. Last Friday I came across the story of this white wine that was denazified in the 1950s. And on the other hand not either.

Facts and figures? Here you go: Georg Scheu (1879 - 1949) was the first director of a state vine cultivation institute in Alzey, is considered a “pioneer for modern and quality-oriented viticulture” and the “most successful vine breeder” in Germany. He bred and bred, first in 1916, a cross between Riesling and the bouquet grape, which he initially called "Seedling 88".

Scheu, a member of the NSDAP since May 1933, presumably hastily changed the name. The variety was now called “Dr. Wagner vine "in honor of his superior in Hessen-Nassau," Landesbauernführer "Richard Wagner. A current one Wine magazineThe article quotes Wagner, who later judged his viticulture inspector to be “upright, open, self-sacrificing in the service of Rheinhessen viticulture” and as “politically absolutely reliable”.

A few years after the end of the “Thousand Year Reich”, the label changed again, and finally it was “Scheurebe”, so somehow connected to the Nazi era again. When in doubt, a fellow traveler, idealist or opponent was shy, like everyone except Hitler, Goeb-bels and Himmler. Still, if you will, they cast out the devil with the Beelzebub. In this respect, I like to disagree with those who talk about the denazification of the grape variety, also as a funny by the way. The next thing by the way: In Austria the variety is undauntedly called "Sämling 88", as in the beginning.

But no matter, I may be babbling here instead of quickly reporting that Georg Scheu also became a case of error research, although not quite as bizarre from today's perspective as Christopher Columbus, who thought he had landed in India. Scheu noted in the “stud book” that he crossed Riesling and Silvaner. However, he had not, but made a technical mistake. DNA analysis in 2012 revealed that the bouquet vine is the parent.

Oh yes, almost forgot, we wanted to jump back to Austria. “Blauer Zweigelt”, by far the most important red wine there, is named after Friedrich Zweigelt, an entomologist, botanist and ardent supporter of the National Socialists. The artist group “Institute without direct properties” seems to trigger a debate with its “Abzweigelt” campaign. You want the grape variety to be Blue Monday.

The various ethics committees should take care of all of this. While I will soon be working in my association space between cultivation and discipline, discipline and order. And can I order the Müller-Thurgau?

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