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Buyer's commission: everything you need to know about the buyer's commission

3. Buyer's commission: How high is it?

The The amount of the brokerage fee is inconsistent in Germany and varies in the regions: In the majority of the federal states, however, a commission level of 7.14 percent has been pronounced, in Hesse and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 5.95 percent is common. Since the new regulation of the broker commission the buyer usually pays half of the commissionIn many federal states, the buyer's commission is therefore 3.57 percent. However, if the owner is (also) the client of the broker, the buyer has never had to pay more than the seller since 23.12.2020 So if the seller negotiates the commission down, the buyer benefits too and pays a maximum of half the lower rate.

In the following federal states In the past, only the buyer took over the brokerage, i.e. the brokerage services, were paid in full by the buyer. This regulation has been in effect since 23.12.2020 by the entry into force of the new regulation of the broker commission become invalid.

Berlin7,14 %3,57 %
Brandenburg7,14 %3,57 %
Bremen5,95 %approx. 2.975% *
Hamburg6,25 %approx. 1.325% *
Hesse5,95 %approx. 2.975% *

All information including 19% VAT.

* In some federal states, the exact distribution of the broker's commission has yet to settle in the course of the application of the new law on commission sharing. This also applies to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for example, where it was common for the owner to take on a lower proportion of the commission than the buyer: 2.38 percent compared to
3.57 percent. This is no longer possible and new customary market practices must emerge.

The amount of the broker's commission is generally based on the amount of the purchase price, i.e. the higher the purchase price, the higher the brokerage fee. As can be seen in the table, is current in Berlin and Brandenburg the highest buyer's commission was charged. The real estate buyer in Berlin has to pay 7.14% including VAT of the purchase price to the broker.