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Germany's best job portals: current ranking 2015

Stepstone is the No. 1 generalist, followed by Jobware. Kimeta best job search engine, Indeed scores with engineers

The results of the two extensive online surveys on the job portals' satisfaction rankings are now available. 43,000 applicants, including more than 20,000 in the last twelve months, gave their opinion on the level of satisfaction, search quality and recommendation. The survey results are also available on the employers' side, 5,700 recruiters assessed their satisfaction, the service quality and the recommendation rates. Both results have now been consolidated. On this basis, the quality seals were awarded in the quality competition Germany's best job portals at Europe's largest personnel fair Zukunft Personal 2015 in Cologne.

In the reputation competition, the following rankings result for 2015 (reference date: August 15, 2015):


The top generalists




The most used job exchange by employers (975) and applicants (6,007). 94% of employers recommend StepStone to others. That is the highest recommendation rate among the generalists. With a satisfaction grade of 5.39 on a scale from 1 - 7 (highest grade) Stepstone is on the SILVER rank.

Job goods

Test winner in the big cluster among employers (grade 5.63). Test winner in the big cluster among the applicants. On the part of employers, this portal is characterized by professional, personal customer service and the targeted distribution of advertisements in a broad network of partners.


This portal secured the silver rank in both studies (employer - small cluster <200 evaluations, applicants - big cluster). With a regional approach in the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse, this portal has been among the big players in the market for a long time.

The ranking of the top 10 job boards for generalists

1. Stepstone
2. Job goods
3. Kalaydo
4. Job cluster
5. Stellenangebote.de
6. My city
7. Xing
8. Süddeutsche Zeitung
9. FAZjob.net
10. LinkedIn


The top special job portals


Job vector

Jobvector is the specialist portal with the highest satisfaction rating (6.05) from employers among the niche job exchanges in the big cluster with more than 100 ratings. 94% of employers recommend this portal to their colleagues. This specialized job market for natural sciences, engineers and technicians convinces with simple user guidance, competent advice and good applications in this target group segment.


In second place is a job exchange, which has the highest recommendation rate of 95% and thus also occupies the silver rank on the part of employers. The very friendly customer service, a quick response time and the focus on medium-sized companies convince the employers.


Companies that are looking for personnel in the hotel and catering sector cannot avoid this job exchange. Hotelcareer secured the bronze rank with employers with a satisfaction of 5.67.

The ranking of the top 10 job exchange specialists


1. jobvector
2. yourfirm.de
3. Hotelcareer
4. UNICUM career center
5. Jobverde.de
6. Trainee
6. Staufenbiel
8. Graduates
8. Foodjobs.de
8. Start-up scene job exchange


The top job search engines



Kimeta is the top dog among job search engines in Germany and has won the award several years in a row.


Indeed shines as an international "job site" with a wide range of offers for all industries and professions. After entering the German market and a successful television advertising campaign, awareness and reach rose sharply.

Job stars

Mathaes-Verlag in Stuttgart offers the job search engine Jobsterne, while Kimeta's search technology is buzzing under the hood.


The ranking of the top 10 job search engines

1. Kimeta
2. Indeed.de
3. Jobsterne.de
4. Opportuno
5. Jobworld
6. Job turbo
7. backin job
9. jobbörse.com
10. Job robot

The top target group job portals SAYs: students, graduates, young professionals


The ranking of the top 10 job exchanges for the target group SAY (students, graduates, young professionals)

1. Staufenbiel
2. Graduates
3. UNICUM career center
4. Xing
5. LinkedIn
6. Connecticum
6. meinpraktikum.de
8. e-fellows.net
9. Studentenjobs24.de


Top job portals target group IT


The ranking of the top 10 job exchanges for the IT target group

1. Kimeta
2. Indeed.de
3. UNICUM career center
4. StepStone Germany
5. ictjob.de
5. Job goods
7. Staufenbiel
9. Kalaydo
10. Graduates


Top job portals target group engineers / technology



The ranking of the top 10 job boards target group engineers

1. Indeed.de
1. jobvector
3. Kimeta
4. Yourfirm.de
5. Staufenbiel
6. UNICUM career center
7. StepStone Germany
8. Graduates
9. Foodjobs.de
9. Kalaydo


The ranking of the top 10 job exchanges for the natural sciences target group

1. UNICUM career center
2. jobvector
3. Staufenbiel
3. Kimeta
5. green jobs
6. Indeed.de
7. Job goods
8. My city
8. chemie.de career
10. StepStone Germany


Top job portals in economics


The ranking of the top 10 job exchanges for the economics target group

1. Kimeta
2. Indeed.de
3. Hotelcareer
4. Staufenbiel
4. UNICUM career center
6. StepStone Germany
7. Job goods
8. Jobrapido.de
9. Jobworld
10. e-fellows.net


Category competition: specialists are candidates' favorites

The results of the previous year already showed which job portal categories are best rated by the candidates in terms of satisfaction and search quality. The current results also confirm that special job exchanges are very popular with applicants, both in terms of satisfaction (4.98) and search quality (4.78). This is followed by job search engines, the generalist job boards land in third place (satisfaction 4.71, search quality 4.46).


Between the lines

Of course, as in all other competitions, there are always cases of hardship, promoted or relegated. Among the target group of IT job exchanges, the Cologne start-up job exchange Get-in-IT just barely missed being included in the quality competition with its innovative recruiting approach for entry-level IT jobs. They failed with 29 ratings at the minimum limit of 30 ratings. The special job exchange for the food sector, foodjobs.de, founded by Bianca Burmester, did not make it into the top positions despite high marks in applicant satisfaction: the reach usage figures, measured by the Alexa ranking, are still not pronounced enough, so that in the end it was to the 9th place of the top 10 special job portals. Foodjobs.de's direct competitor, LZ-Jobs.de (Lebensmittel Zeitung) operated by the dfv Mediengruppe (Deutscher Fachverlag), was virtually absent from the survey results. The other job portals of the dfv media groups shared a similar fate: textile industry, real estate newspaper or HORIZONTjobs suffered from a low level of perception on the part of applicants and recruiters.


Criticisms of the applicants

Surveys are not just wishful concerts - every opinion counts. In this way, applicants can also bring in their personal experiences with the good and bad aspects of using the job market - this is also widely used. Some examples:

  • "Compared to other job portals, there are few current vacancies," said a Bachelor student looking for career opportunities in the chemicals / crude oil products / plastics industry.
  • “Too few vacancies in my professional field” or “too few vacancies in my region” are frequently criticized points
  • "Too many dubious job offers and too many misspellings in the job offers."
  • "Too many private employment agencies, there would have to be a filter option for the user."
  • "Many jobs have been assigned for a long time and the data is out of date"
  • "Proximity search cannot be precisely defined / narrowed down. I am mainly looking for Augsburg and the surrounding area and mostly get Munich "
  • "Multiple placement of advertisements without reference to the first publication date"

The list of shortcomings is long and job board operators should use this as an opportunity for improvement. This is how the student Christine P. summarized it: "I hope that the results of this survey will also be published so that the relevant job exchanges can work with the conclusion and make improvements if necessary."


The navel gaze of the job exchange industry or guidance for applicants and recruiters?

Only superficially does the quality competition “Germany's best job portals” appear like a navel show of the job exchange industry. The quality seals are certainly a coveted award that has a high priority in the marketing mix of the job portals. However, what plays an important role for the users of job boards is the character as a guide. And such an orientation aid is necessary in view of the high level of intransparency in the market with over 1,700 job portal operators, with numerous and innovative start-ups that bring movement into digital recruiting.

The results are there for everyone

Also for Applicants The principle applies that recommendations from friends, acquaintances and peers have a much higher level of credibility than bold advertising messages on the job portals can convey. For example, participants in the online survey automatically receive exclusive access to the results database. This gives them the opportunity to find out which job boards are preferred by other candidates with the same professional career goals. The results help applicants to organize their job search in a time-efficient and empirically sound manner. Here, survey participants can request information about the best job portals by industry and occupational group.

With a total of over 43,000 survey results, job portal operators and recruiters can use these empirically-based facts for their own measures.

Job portal operators have the opportunity to compare their market position in relation to the competition according to various demoscopic and career-related criteria or to find out what applicants find good or bad about a job portal and which functionalities are still missing on the basis of a detailed strength / weakness analysis.

Recruiters, on the other hand, have the unique opportunity to find out which job portals their ideal candidates are in. This information can be filtered according to career-related or democratic criteria. This opens up the opportunity for recruiters to precisely identify their candidate target group and thus lay the foundation for a successful recruiting campaign.

The transparency of results, however, does not meet with approval from all job exchange operators. The head of marketing, for example, gratefully declined a job exchange from the temporary employment segment when it came to participating and promoting the survey: "We actually don't want our competitors to see where we are in a good or bad position".

Referral Marketing

The credibility of advertising measures has long since changed; recommendation marketing, swarm intelligence or peer-to-peer assessments are important components of the new consumer-centered information system.

“A number of recent surveys report that when it comes to purchasing decisions, consumers trust online reviews written by consumers as much as they trust recommendations from family or friends. 66.3 percent of consumers in a US survey said they relied 'to a large extent' on user-written reviews and recommendations when making purchasing decisions, ”explains Jeremy Rifkin, one of the most well-known social thought leaders of our time.

“When asked why they prefer consumer-created content to advertising-created content, respondents in a SurveyMonkey study said they preferred the neutrality of fellow consumers to what the advertising industry said. A typical response was that consumers' opinions are preferred to the advertising industry, 'because most manufacturers want to sell with their product descriptions, whereas consumers have no personal interest in selling the product, which makes their reviews inherently more trustworthy' ", describes Jeremy Rifkin in his latest book with the somewhat bulky title “The Zero Marginal Cost Society. The Internet of Things, the collaborative commons and the retreat of capitalism. (Frankfurt / New York, 2014).


The initiators of "Germany's best job portals"


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facts and figures

Current status of the survey as of August 15, 2015:

  • Number of ratings (2008 to date): 43,660
  • Number of ratings in the last 12 months: 20,691
  • Average level of satisfaction (2008 to today): 4.61
  • Average level of satisfaction over the last 12 months: 4.49
  • Average search quality (2008 to date): 4.40
  • Average search quality over the last 12 months: 4.38
  • Number of evaluated job portals (2008 to today): 766
  • Number of evaluated job portals in the last 12 months: 598
  • Total total since 2008: Job portals with at least 30 ratings = 106 These achieved 40,562 ratings = 92.9% Average satisfaction with these job portals: 4.87 Average search quality for these job portals: 4.65
  • Survey participants can choose from a total of 1,227 job portals

Organizational changes to the user survey from 1.3.2016

The job exchange satisfaction survey among applicants and employers will be carried out from March 1st, 2016 via the Jobbörsen-Kompass.de portal (… .powered by Crosswater Job Guide).

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