Why do black people have bigger tails?

Black bigger penis?

Do Black Men Have Bigger Penis?

I want to know why most black people have bigger penises than white people. Often asked, but never really answered. Why are black men so lavishly considered by nature? Yes, I know ... There are exceptions, a lot of Africans have a not that big one and there are certainly a lot of white men who call a decent piece of their own. Nevertheless, I have to say that in the case of dark-skinned people, the limb is often significantly larger and thicker. I speak from experience. I couldn't find a plausible explanation for it in these many Laber forums. There is an incredible amount of talk, but somehow the subject of penises still seems to be a taboo. So you Africa experts, maybe you have a conclusive theory for this phenomenon!
sent: May (03-12)

Small penis - advantage in frost and cold in the north?

Hi May! Why do black men tend to have bigger penises than white men? Evolution could provide the possible explanation: dark-skinned people lived in the warm, sunny climate of the south, light-skinned people more in the cold, frosty north. There weren't always long johns. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were still hairy and mostly unclothed, sneaking through the snow-covered forests. In extreme cold, to avoid frostbite, it was necessary to shrink the male member to a minimum and let the testicles slip into the abdominal cavity. Anyone who has ever jumped into ice-cold water knows this ingenious protective function. Simple logic: In cold regions, the penis was only as big as needed for reproduction. In warm regions with an abundance of food, nature could flaunt this external male sexual characteristic with impunity. This is why black penises are significantly larger, especially when they are not erect. This has certainly impressed women in the past and influenced their choice of partner. In other regions, people couldn't put food in their mouths, they had to fight for bare survival. When choosing a partner, other qualities were therefore required.
sent: Frank (04-12)

Brilliant answer Frank! There is almost nothing left to add. I have the pictures in my head right away. When I bathe I ask about the coldness of the water and get an answer an inch between my thumb and forefinger. Simply great! Instead of being driven by the eternal penis envy to downplay the penises of blacks, finally a really plausible explanation for their unusual size. Phallic symbols are widely used in Africa as the epitome of fertility. A large penis in men as a sign of potency, just as the luscious breasts and a plump buttocks in women are a guarantee for strong offspring. Great blog, very entertaining!
sent by: Maike (04-12)

The formula: white man = small penis and black man = large member will certainly tend to be correct. To classify people only by skin color is simply too superficial. There are an unbelievable number of ethnic groups in Africa, just as there are in our country. In Europe, the many ethnicities with their different physical characteristics have already intermingled as a result of the huge migrations within the last two thousand years. Classic southerners, Germanic peoples or Celts may still exist as individuals, but most of the "whites" in Europe are actually "colorful" and a mix of all these ethnic prototypes. I hope I didn't spoil the fun of your discussion about penis size with an objection! :O)
sent by: Jasmin (04-12)