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Download Music for Free: The 10 Best Sites for MP3 Downloads

Even if streaming offers are booming, for many of us it is still best to have the music we want as MP3 "offline" in our own library. In order to build up an impressive MP3 collection, you don't even have to resort to the often illegal content of P2P file sharing sites - the network is teeming with legal websites from which you can download tons of music for free. In the following we present you theten best download sources for free music from the network.

You can also find the 5 best websites for free MP3 downloads in our video:

1. Download and listen to music for free at last.fm.

last.fm is probably the largest music database in the world. Hundreds of thousands of users have their music tastes recorded via the social network and receive music tips, personalized radio stations and song snippets from last.fm to listen to. Many artists also release their music or individual songs for complete download as MP3 via last.fm. The provider lists all downloadable songs on its own subpage. Music genres can be narrowed down on the left-hand side, and registered users even receive download recommendations based on their musical taste.

To the free MP3s at last.fm

2. jamendo.com

jamendo.com is a portal for royalty-free music. Many artists feel they are not represented by the music industry and publish their music for free use, distribution and editing under so-called Creative Commons licenses. That doesn't mean this music is worse - it is simply less well known due to the music industry's lack of marketing power. At jamendo you will find a gigantic archive with free music that you can either listen to as a stream and via radio stations or, in most cases, download it directly - a login is required for this. There should be no genre of music that is not covered by jamendo. Content creators can also license music cheaply on jamendo.

To jamendo.com

3. Soundcloud

After the demise of MySpace, nothing came for a long time (except Facebook) - but now there is Soundcloud next to Bandcamp (see below). The Swedish-Berlin startup has developed into one of the most important platforms for musicians - anyone can upload tracks, embed them elsewhere, sell them or make them available for free. Unfortunately there is no direct search for the free songs, but under the tag “free” there are also Hundreds of free downloads to find. Pay attention to the "Download" or "Free Download" button under the individual tracks - from Avicii, various remixes of big names and original material, pages to browse through.

To the free MP3s at Soundcloud

4. Band camp

Similar to Soundcloud, there is no real search for free tracks on Bandcamp either - but under the Keyword "Free download" are tons of free tracks gathered (often set as "Name your Price", but where you can also enter 0). Bandcamp is a platform through which musicians can sell their music directly, without record labels or distributors, so mainly indie and independent artists are represented - but there is also a lot to discover here.

To the free MP3s at Bandcamp

5. Amazon

The online shopping giant has also been running, at least on its US site changing free MP3s in the program. However, you need an Amazon account to download the free MP3s. If you have one, it can be worth checking in from time to time.

To the free MP3s on Amazon

6. ReverbNation

Much like MySpace should ReverbNation Help young bands to become better known. But in contrast to the former, the portal is still successful today and lots of young bands are offering their songs here as free MP3 downloads in order to increase their awareness. Reason enough to stop by, because ReverbNation has something for every taste in music, from pop to indie, electronica and hip-hop.

To ReverbNation

7. Archive.org

The Internet archive, which also has old versions of the World Wide Web stored in the Wayback Machine, contains various music collections that are under public domain or Creative Commons licenses. For one thing, there is Live audio archive, which contains over 95,000 bootlegs, i.e. live recordings of well-known and less well-known bands. On the other hand there is in the rubric Netlabels over 20,000 tracks by Creative Commons artists published on netlabels - from electronics to indie. A very good source for royalty-free music.

To the Netlabels at Archive.org

8. Tonspion.de

Many artists only offer their music on their own homepage or scattered somewhere on the net. The editorial staff of Tonspion.de has been collecting these tracks for 10 years now, giving tips on how exactly to download the free songs, writing reviews of the songs and involving users. Every registered user can rate the songs and add comments, save favorite artists and receive download recommendations based on their own musical taste. This makes tonspion.de the best known and largest address in Germany for an editorially managed archive of free MP3 downloads.

To the free MP3s at Tonspion.de

9. Hypemachine

Hypemachine is an aggregator of (mostly English-language) music blogs that write about new songs, so it shows which tracks are hot and hot at the moment. The search function allows you to call up a large number of artists, only the navigation is sometimes a bit confusing, when to stay on the Hypemachine page and when to get to the respective blog (click on the sentence at the end: “Posted xx minutes ago .. . "!). But be careful, not all the songs in this treasure trove can be downloaded, many are just online for listening - you have to dig a bit in this hypemachine.

To Hypemachine

10. Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive records thousands of tracks under Creative Commons license - a huge lucky bag across all genres. Very few artists have been heard from, but that doesn't mean anything qualitative. The whole thing is carried by some US radio stations, which feed the free content of their programs here.

Go to Free Music Archive

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