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Movie Stars: The 50 Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood

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The 50 most beautiful women in Hollywood

Hollywood - a world of money, fame and beautiful women. The most beautiful of them have turned our heads over and over again in film and television. Hollywood simply has a whole armada of attractive ladies at the start, who give every film an eye-catcher. Irresistible beauties with desirable curves and dazzling charisma that enchant us from the screen. Whether in comedies, horror films, thrillers, dramas or actioners - they are everywhere.

From young to old, whether Emma Watson or Jennifer Aniston, the choice is not easy with all the beautiful women in the film world. Nevertheless, we dared to take a look around the current Hollywood ladies' ranks. Of course we have found what we are looking for and today we present the 50 most beautiful women from Hollywood's film factory in our new special. Of course, tastes are extremely different, especially when it comes to women, but everyone will definitely find something in our top 50.

50th place: Jennifer Aniston (February 11, 1969 - height: 1.64 m - USA)

49th place: Maggie Q (May 22, 1979 - height: 1.68 m - USA)

48th place: Eva Green (July 6, 1980 - height: 1.68 m - France)

47th place: Anna Kendrick (August 9, 1985 - height: 1.57 m - USA)

46th place: Sofía Vergara (July 10, 1972 - Height: 1.70 m - Colombia)

45th place: Emily Blunt (February 23, 1983 - height: 1.71 m - United Kingdom)

44th place: Reese Witherspoon (March 22, 1976 - height: 1.56 m - USA)

43rd place: Elisha Cuthbert (November 30, 1982 - height: 1.59 m - Canada)

42nd place: Malin Akerman (May 12, 1978 - height: 1.73 m - Sweden)

41st place: Kat Dennings (June 13, 1986 - height: 1.61 m - USA)

Author: Erik Rössler