Can African Americans be Racist

Episode 3: Can Black People Behave Racist?

Historically, black people have a different relationship with Asians than white. People from Africa have not systematically enslaved or colonized people from Asia. In fact, there is an opposite story. Black people were sold like goods in Pakistan, India, China and in many Asian societies there are very racist prejudices, literature, advertisements and films about black people and darker people in general. In contrast, in the regions where most Afro-Germans have their roots, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Eritrea or Rwanda, negative stereotypes towards Asian people on a structural level are hardly documented. Anna Dushime, who was a guest on the aforementioned podcast episode, is from Rwanda. In addition to the former white Colonial gentlemen, Anna said, there are also many Indian and Chinese business people in their home country who financially exploit the locals. I know similar dynamics from my time in Nigeria. And Ayesha, a guest on a podcast episode on the same topic, whose parents are Indians who lived in Kenya, confirms this power imbalance. Her parents could even understand why black East African people sometimes had an anti-attitude towards them. It came from the fact that Asian people were historically among the oppressors.