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Aviation Management degree

Career after graduation

With a degree in Aviation Management, you are well equipped for the future. You have broad business know-how, expert knowledge of aviation and know how to lead a team and organize projects. So the best conditions to get started!

The following employers are among others:

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Transport / logistics company
  • Handling companies
  • Maintenance company
  • Security company
  • Supplier and service provider for the aviation industry
  • Management consultancies

Professions in tourism

We will introduce you to typical jobs for tourism managers in detail.

Tourism professions

What exactly you do, of course, depends on your employer. At an airline, for example, the flight plan could be optimized in order to get people and goods from A to B more efficiently and to optimize the use of aircraft. But you could also calculate prices for the transport of goods and negotiate contracts with customers or adjust ticket prices for passenger flights to demand. In airport management you could take on a wide variety of management tasks from marketing to personnel planning to project management.

But there is not only something to be done on the ground. Airlines around the world are looking for pilots who transport people or goods. If you have completed a commercial pilot training course parallel to your studies, you will have another, completely different, job description.

What does an aviation manager earn? Sure, you can't say that in general. But one thing is certain: the earning opportunities are not bad! But before we get to specific examples, remember that a salary is always based on various factors. Company size, years of professional experience, location, employee responsibility and personal negotiating skills are some examples.

In order to give you a first impression of the earning potential in aviation management, we have taken a closer look at the salaries of aviation managers on

activityGender and agegraduationCompany sizeGross salary / month
Senior Manager Aviation Security m, 49 yearsState examinationvery large7.191 €
Product manager aviationm, 31 yearsBachelorlarge3.875 €
Senior Manager Aviation Marketingw, 44 yearsMagisterlarge4.064 €
Aviation Product Support Specialistw, 32 yearsBachleorlarge3.024 €
Senior Sales Executive Aviation Industrym, 30 yearsdiplomavery large5.300 €
Operations manager aviationm, 44 yearsBachelorlarge5.323 €

Company size: 1-20 employees = small | 21-100 employees = medium | 101-1,000 employees = large | > 1,000 employees = very large

These are individual examples that have no meaningfulness about the general salary situation in air traffic management.