Why should alcohol be illegal?

Pro Contra : Should alcohol consumption be banned in public?


Occasionally one can get the impression that it is compulsory for everyone over the age of 16 to bring beer bottles with them. At least it seems to have become so normal that you are almost amazed to meet someone without.

But it is not at all normal, but a bad habit that could spread unhindered in otherwise highly regulated Germany. While everyone is (rightly!) Concerned about toxic pesticides in food, and most other drugs are banned for good reason, alcohol - poison and drug - is accepted for some inexplicable reason. Hundreds of thousands of addicts, broken families, billions in damages year after year, fights, innocent victims of drunk drivers - all of this is somehow found to be inevitable. Certainly none of these problems will go away if the “bottle to go” is banned. But awareness of what is normal and what is not will grow: alcohol in public? Don't do it! That is the message that even toddlers should get.

Even the sometimes correct argument that you don't have to forbid everything does not work. On the contrary: For those who do not drink, a gain in freedom can even be expected from the ban. You don't have to be as afraid of being harassed by the bottle owners. The normal no longer have to beware of the abnormal. Its Time.Stefan Jacobs


We already had it, didn't bring anything. Two years ago, Berlin overturned the drinking ban from the so-called “Road Law”. Reason: complete uselessness. Nobody protested back then, why should they? The paragraph had never been applied. The no longer existing drinking ban made headlines a year ago when the discussion about alcohol-drinking children and adolescents began. At that time the CDU had so much realism to say: "Nothing will be achieved with this ban."

So now, a few hundred drunk young people later, alcohol is to be banned again on the streets. The CDU calls for an absolute ban on drinking in public. What a helpless reaction! As if one of the boozy students allowed themselves to be stopped from any kind of prohibition. Because drinking in the clique is fun because it is forbidden. Alcohol may not be sold to young people, they buy it anyway. People skip, smoke weed, and smoke. Everything forbidden.

Then all the practical questions: Who should control this ban? The police? She will thank you. More and more tasks, less and less staff. The regulatory office? Dito.

And what do we do when clever kids pour the beer into the shower bottle? It is enough if the Americans make a fool of themselves with the legally required paper bag around the beer dump. Jörn Hasselmann

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