Why does HR need to understand accounting

Booking wages and salaries

Companies are obliged to do this Deduct taxes and social security amounts from the gross salary and the corresponding To transfer authorities. And of course the company must also pay the employee the net amount. So you already suspect it: at the Posting salaries you are dealing with different accounts and postings.

Overview of accounts - what is posted where?

First of all, an introductory one Overview of the accountsthat you have to deal with in the booking of wages and salaries.

Gross salarywages
Tax deductionsFB liabilities (liabilities to tax authorities)
Social security - employee shareSV advance payments
Social security - employer's shareEmployer's contribution - SV

Example for posting wages and salaries

The best way to illustrate the whole "booking terror" is with an example. As Base they serve us valuesthat we from the Wage deductions - example have received:

  • Gross salary: 3,002.00 €
  • Tax deduction: € 608.63
  • SI share for employees: € 643.92
  • Employer's social security contribution: € 580.14
  • Total SV amounts: 1224.06 €

Let's go - now "the whole" is booked:

The social security contributions (employee + employer) are transferred by bank.

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